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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE “ Hold the front page. Remote production, via the cloud, will kill off the OB truck. That is what VidiGo is suggesting anyway. At IBC the Dutch company will launch VidiGo Live, a development that it is describing as the “world’s first cloud-based live production workflow”. Peter IJkhout, the chief technology officer of VidiGo, is pretty bold in his predictions: “Now we have both the visual feedback from the cameras fully streaming and the UI streaming, we can really say we have created the first Cloud Service in live TV production. I am convinced that this will create a complete mind shift in TV production, especially in the mid-end market. If I were responsible for production, I would not invest in a new OB van anymore. That really comes to an end real quickly.” So, goodbye OB truck and hello centralised control room facility “back at base”, cameras deployed on location and pictures brought back and switched via IP. Well, yes and no. Live remote production promises huge benefits, not least the potential for removing the OB scanner from certain productions, as well as other technical and staffing efficiencies. It could also mean that more events – such as less mainstream sports or music festivals – could be covered as the cost of doing so would come down. But let’s not get too hasty. Generally speaking you need masses of connectivity for just a couple of cameras capturing HD (let alone anything higher) so a 10Gig pipe probably isn’t going to cut it. And then there’s the question of latency. VidiGo is promising “extremely low latency”. But is “extremely low” going to be low enough? Even a two frame, 40 millisecond, delay seems unlikely at the moment. “ Live remote production has huge potential yes but while we should take IJkhout’s predictions seriously there is probably no need to throw the OB out with the SDI cables just yet. Pre-production Panavision has released an updated version of its PANASCOUT app that includes the ability to capture video in PANAFRAME, a framing overlay that displays a choice of aspect ratios. Options include true widescreen 2.40 (Anamorphic), 1.85 (Super 35mm), 1.78 (16:9 HD), 1.33 (4:3) and custom. Metadata automatically incorporates date/time, fi le name, focal length, aspect ratio, and any notes added by the user. PANASCOUT is generally used for recces during pre-production. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows. SGL has an established history serving the archive needs of broadcast facilities around the world. SGL’s archive & content management products are built on scalable, reliable solutions, providing significant workflow, time and cost efficiencies. Our comprehensive suite of solutions provide adaptable, flexible video arching that organisations of any size can depend on T: +44 (0)1489 889930 | E: | W: Global leaders in Archive & Storage Management 06 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015