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With one local replica on the premises for fast and affordable access, and a second replica in the cloud for protection, we can combine the best of both worlds. The replica in the cloud is never used for operational purposes, avoiding expensive and bandwidth-intensive downloads, but it provides the ultimate security of an off-site “copy of last resort” that can be used to create a new on-site replica in the event of a media failure, an effective way to increase both the yield and security of the on-premise storage. between different sites, different cities or different continents for multi-site archives, often with the third, disaster recovery replica, on the shelf or some other secure location. So what better location for the DR replica than the cloud? Broadcast Systems Integration and Broadcast Equipment Sales from Gearhouse Broadcast Trusted broadcast partner From acquisition to playout +44 (0) 845 820 0000 w w w.gearhousebr o adc a s t .com This changes the equation for media organisations, allowing them to harness the power of the cloud in a smarter way to deliver tangible business benefi ts and superior performance. The theoretical advantages of cloud technology now have a practical and fi nancially viable application for long form media storage.