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COMMENT Is working for free, training or a pathway to paid work? by Graham Reed I suspect like a lot of KitPlus readers I often have a look at a websites that advertise jobs, but mainly un-paid. I have frequently thought that these job offers are really just trying to get free or cheap labour for the benefit of the director/producer. One recently advertised for ‘ .... a cameraman that’s enthusiastic and punctual, professional with a high performance camera (Canon, Nikon, Red, Blackmagic) and lenses.’ In other words for a few thousand pounds worth of kit plus an operator just for expenses!! They were offering guaranteed locations, a visit to the BBC and Channel 4 where they said you could reach professionals who may give you paid work in the future. Really? So the question is if you are a young camera owner who has invested in kit, why would you do it; for experience, for training? I recently wrote to a person who was advertising for crew on this website expressing my concerns, I said: of standards g and the y.  If all t trainin on industr ned abou e producti s are used as ry concer gramm ‘’I am ve ng the pro w pay production ple enteri as there is peo ry lo at, as long udget – ve b t is gre ction is these low s then tha the produ ego g exercise k to the crew after a trainin satisfy the g ac ade just to tive feedb cin produ me is m construc e program t there is no point in may not hed.  If th finis r free feel tha working fo tor then I of a direc s the crew ,a grammes mes. tI these pro ing outco avours bu y learn ative ende eive an rec rogramme ourage cre then the p much enc ry oney I would ve ere is no m el that if th often fe 210 be made. were only shouldn’t e BFI there illion pounds that to th according er half m e many Last year udgets ov me that th  with b mmes concerns e will progra UK. So it ing for fre rted in the tions work pecta .  Just were sta ith high ex lm careers ng DoPs w g in their chosen fi era does you a RED cam livin na operate never ear g how to or knowin man! s but owning d camera make film you a goo money to t t o make n at there is ve the bes blem is th rs who ha !!! ro ake a film ny directo Another p many, ma want to m are er who also there ve idea ev test creati and grea Best Graham’’ 36 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY 87 MARCH 2014