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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT “ Hot on the heels of Root6 providing the ability to ‘insert edit’ on a AS-11 file created in ContentAgent, Cinedeck has added a file-based ‘insert edit’ function to its RX, MX and ZX record, ingest and transcode platforms. This feature allows editors to quickly (their words not ours) perform frame-accurate changes to a digital file, in a similar manner to insert editing on tape. If the truth be told, it is not actually insert editing at all. It unwraps the file, replaces one set of data packets with a new set of packets and then re-wraps the file. But the outcome is the same. And that is the important thing. For TV programmes mastered as digital files for file-based delivery, as is now standard for broadcasters in the UK, this kind of feature is a real breakthrough. The fact that you couldn’t make a simple last minute change to a digital programme file was a big issue. Post-production schedules had to be brought forward just in case and if a change had to be made, once that task was completed, the process of creating the amended digital programme file had to start from scratch. This was a right royal pain in the whatsits. It cost time and money. Hopefully now, with the likes of Root6 and Cinedeck making headway, it will cease to do so. “ This time last year, insert editing was a major obstacle to file-based delivery. Now, not so much. 12 months really is a long time in technology. Switchers Broadcast Pix demonstrated its new rugged portable integrated production switcher Roadie recently at InfoComm. With built-in HD streaming and recording, Roadie’s end-to-end production workfl ow is said to streamline live production on location for a single operator or small staff. It has a rugged exterior to allow for location work, weighs about 20 pounds and features a durable aluminium alloy chassis with a built-in handle. “When we developed Roadie, our primary goal was to create an affordable system that could take the abuse of location work,” said Steve Ellis, chief executive of Broadcast Pix. “It’s more than just a bare bones switcher. Roadie features our patented Fluent Control toolset to create great multi-camera live productions in a tough, compact package.” Searching? broadcast cameraman Search with full details of hundreds of GTC accredited Camera Operators, Lighting Cameramen, DoPs and specialist cameramen, why go anywhere else? 14 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 102 JUNE 2015