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EQUIPMENT OB, T&M, VISION MIXERS £POA (OB30) 2002 High definition HDSDI uplink / links » with large hydraulic mast, CONDITION 162836 SELLER N.I Broadcast CONTACT £POA Used ITEM ID 07865 395092 (OB30) 2002 High definition HDSDI uplink / links » with large hydraulic mast, levelling, HDSDI, CONDITION Used 17ton truck. Full HDSDI, multiviewer Riedel, etc » For full details, goto www.nibroadcast. SELLER or email sales@nibroadcast. N.I Broadcast ITEM ID 162836 co.ukAvailanle for rent 07865 purchase from or to 395092 CONTACT us. Owner of OB unit:- N.I Broadcast 2002 High definition HDSDI uplink / links 17ton 17ton truck. Full HDSDI, multiviewer Riedel, etc » For full truck. Is full goto or details, HDSDI truck but can also email for rent or to purchase or from us. in Owner also of if OB required. N.I In unit:- accept work SDI Broadcast 2002 High definition HDSDI uplink / links 17ton truck. condition HDSDI truck but EX can also excellent Is full throughout UK links accept or work in SDI also if required. In excellent condition throughout EX UK links vehicle for £550000 Smiths Great Bentley UK » HD Trailer 2007 CONDITION New SELLER Onvision ITEM ID 159907 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 13m Double expanding HD Outside Broadcast unit - 24 Camera » High speciation double expanding full HD trailer built in UK 2007. Designed for sports events with up to 24 cameras. Aprox 27 seating positions. Cameras and VTR are not included but can be added on request at additional cost new or used. Sony MVS 8000 Vision Mixer Supports all HD / SD Formats - 80 £50000 Uk » 11m - CONDITION CONDITION Used SELLER 162833 CONTACT 07865 395092 Rack ready, 3x air con, SDI wired . 3/4 rooms. » For more details goto http://www.nibroadcast. or email OB31 (full pictures available on request as having equipment removed currently by my engineer ) Available to purchase or rent long term on agreement if needed. Owner of OB unit:- N.I Broadcast Delivery worldwide available, change £18950 OB25 Left hand drive IVeco DSNG truck complete » complete. with advent 2m dish, 300watt 0208 763 4198 Multi Purpose Edit - Graphics - VTR Unit » Recently fully Refurbished unit. 3 production rooms with mains power. Partition Doors. Opening cable tray down right hand side of rooms. In our opinion this unit is in excellent all round condition. Body recently re painted. Access steps with hand rails at side and rear. Has been used as VTR recording / playback - Graphics N.I Broadcast ITEM ID Onvision CONTACT (OB31) 10-12 camera 11metre MAn full air suspensio » Outside broadast truck. 3 /4 rooms. ful air 162777 SELLER £POA New ITEM ID £POA 8-cam Grass valley SD OB-UNIT Ready to Produce » Akkermanns Media size coachbuilding CONDITION Used SELLER N.I Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER Private Seller ITEM ID 162835 CONTACT 07865 395092 ITEM ID 162717 CONTACT +386 51 388 701 panda generator, leveling, etc » For more info goto or email sales@ is repaint of truck if needed anda lso option to include HDSDI tandberg EN8090 or EN8092 encoders if required Left hand drive Iveco SNG / DSNG truck. 12kva diesel onboard panda silent geneator, hydrauilic levelling system air conditioning 13.75 - ldk 100 and 300 cameras, super slowmotion, studer sound, Barco monitoring... and MANY SPARE parts as montiors , vision mixer , ccu ... » READY TO PRODUCE 16-9 SD SDI or upscale to HDOVERVIEW:Length: 9,5m Width: 2,5 m Heigth: 4,0m Weigth: 16t Power consumption: CEE 3x63A Dividing transformer: YesPRODUCTION AREA:Video switcher: Philips DD35 SDI32 £20000 Land Rover » TD5 110 - CONDITION Used ITEM ID 162898 SELLER Onvision CONTACT 0208 763 4198 Mobile SNG - Comms unit with Fisher Pander Generator and Air Con » Right Hand Drive UK spec Landrover TD5 110 with 27,000 miles on the clock . SATCOM/ Communications base vehicle Kit includes: Fisher Panda Diesel Generator - Victron Energie 24v 100 amp battery charger - Coleman Mach air conditioning unit - Comtech EF Data CDM-600L Satellite 92 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015 €POA Volkswagen » LT35 Rack-ready compact OBV / DSNG / Edittruck » For sale: VW LT35 former DSNG/OBvan. Offered as rack-ready project (no equipment included) with plenty of 19\”” rack CONDITION Used ITEM ID 162858 SELLER Private Seller CONTACT Contact Seller