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accessories is worth looking into. This may include cables, brackets, phantom power supplies and slot in packs for a variety of cameras allowing for cable free connection to a wireless audio receiver. These useful adapters will be joined later this year by a slot in solution for one of the most popular audio mixers. Professional radio equipment manufacturers including Wisycom, Lectrosonics and Audio Ltd have worked alongside Sound Devices to create varying levels of integration with their latest mixer via a bolt on 6 channel slot pack. Compatibility with other manufacturers’ products can very often assist production. For instance it’s important to confi rm the correct connectors or adapters are available for the most popular microphones. There may also be times where a sound engineer is asked to accept audio feed from an alternative manufactures transmitter to his own receiver. To allow this to happen the receiver must have the ability to emulate the manufactures transmission parameters. Emulation will be an embedded function of the higher end manufacturers’ receivers alongside multi-function local and remote software providing many useful features such as spectrum scanning, battery monitoring and level adjustment for RF and Audio. Wireless systems have proved themselves to be a valuable part of any broadcast production but it’s clear the growing number of product choices means careful selection is vital. Acquiring the right product for the job will potentially require some serious investment, but it’s likely to be a sensible move providing the professional engineer with a future proofed durable solution. The checklist is clear. A tuning range suited to the engineers needs, all metal tough housings, battery life over 8 hours, built in reverse intermod protection, true diversity receivers and a wide range of useful accessories. Radio technology is well established in the broadcast industry today and will continue to be so into the future as long as well-designed products that continue to embrace latest advances in this exciting technology are employed.