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New PSA Series 5 RF spectrum analyzers to 6 GHz arying contents depending on the desire for an interview or clip-on mic. They also understand the wide ranging use that this system will attract and include an XLR-3/mini-jack adapter cable for DSLRs plus the mounting accessories needed to attach the receiver to the camera hotshoe, recognising that this camera format is often used by people exploring beyond the stills photo world who want quality audio with ease of use. AVX is equipped with adaptive transmitting power, meaning that the system always uses the power that is required to maintain a reliable connection between the microphone and the camera receiver. This ensures a stable link and also reduces battery power consumption – as does the automatic on/off function. Not only is the receiver powered by special lithium-ion batteries but so is the transmitter. For continuous recording you can power the receiver with a USB source such as a mobile phone style battery backup pack. For peace of mind battery levels are shown on the transmitter to avoid nasty v surprises! Time will of course tell but from first hand use around the mega yachts of Cannes the system performed without fault and we found ourselves forgetting about the audio and concentrating on our rather amateur production we’d be tasked to create. Not worrying about audio is exactly what Sennheiser want content creators to do and although headphone monitoring is essential no matter what system you choose the AVX will, from our experience, take the possible complexities of audio away from you. Finding the Oracle of audio capture is no mean feat but Sennheiser’s AVX may not be far away so, as they say, just relax. The AVX systems and components will go on sale from end of June 2015 for around €899. You can find out more here Bench-top performance handheld convenience The PSA series from Aim-TTi has transformed the concept of the portable RF spectrum analyzer. Weighing only 560grms (20oz) and sized to fit perfectly into the hand these are true handheld instruments. Now the best-selling PSA Series 2 (1.3GHz or 2.7GHz) has been joined by the Series 5, available up to 6.0GHz. Choice of 3.6GHz or 6.0GHz models RBWs from 300Hz to 10MHz (1:3:10 steps) Better than -160dBm/Hz noise floor Waveform demodulation and auto measurements Scan mode providing up to 210,000 point resolution USB interfaces for Flash drives and for PC connection and a lot more than we have space mention here. Get the full picture .. For a full information tour on the PSA Series 5 go to: Measurably better value Glebe Road, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE29 7DR United Kingdom Tel: 01480 412451 e-mail: Web: www. aimtti .com