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be mounted on pretty much anything, it appears no other professional camera allows this amount of customisation in such a small body. The unique expansion port gives you unparalleled options for power, monitoring and remotely controlling the camera. This camera is available to purchase in July for $995. The RED exhibition was also a feature that caught the eye of many, showing off their own footage through the Occulus VR headset, a perfect way of promoting both companies through interaction. The EK team made sure they checked out the headset and were extremely impressed! Canon, the camera specialists and renowned for their fantastic quality, surprised us nonetheless when they delivered the goods at this years NAB. Yes it may set you back a whopping $16,000 BUT the specs are pretty incredible! 15 stops of dynamic range and up to 120fps recording, the 4K camera is most defi nitely going to be out of this world. Drones, drones drones! Seeing them, hearing them and everybody talking about them. The drone was probably one of if not the star of this years NAB show. From the DJI Phantom 3 with it’s two different levels of Advanced and Professional, the number one drone company was taking it to the next level with this new bad boy. Having the beauty of 4K built in to the Professional body of the DJI Phantom and the benefi ts of being able to control it from 1.2 miles away, this drone was the number 1 player. Claiming to be the fi rst ‘smart drone’ in the world, the Solo Smart Drone , this particular drone was built to be used with GoPro and the features of being able to place your specifi c subject in the middle of a large environment. One big contender at this years NAB was that of the Freefl y MIMIC. Allowing users to control MOVI movements from a different MIMIC Devices. For example your friend can be golding the MOVI device while you control the other. Some have said that this accessory could completely change the entire stabilisation industry if it turns out to have lowlatency. With a nice price of $495 it is defi nitely worth checking out! With Adobe and Avid announcing updates and revealing new things, it was Apple’s turn to update the FCPX software, mainly focusing on the ability to create 3D objects directly in FCPX. Being able to create 3D text and basic objects in FCPX and adjust various parameters like lighting and texture. More updates to Motion were made, those being applied to its 3D interface. The DaVinci Resolve is set for a big update as they unveiled the DaVinci Resolve 12. With multicam editing and enhanced colour grading tools along with an updated user interface, the DaVinci Resolve 12 is noticeably better. So with what the team at Editors Keys believe were the best things to come out of the NAB this year, the above is just a snippet of some of the amazing things they witnessed. And is it worth the hype? Well if constant new gear isn’t enough to tempt you, the atmosphere and people around will make it even more amazing than it actually is! Having professionals there to answer questions and give you more information on future revelations is really the icing on the cake! If you attended NAB this year or have any fun gossip you’d like to share, tweet us at @editorskeys we’d love to hear your thoughts! KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015 | 47