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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER Radio TX Miniature transmitters Danmon Systems Group has completed a project for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) to design, integrate and commission a complete DAB+ radio headend system. The new installation is located at the network’s headquarters, DR Byen, in Copenhagen. The system includes full redundancy with seamless automatic switchover between the primary and secondary circuits. Installation, documentation, commissioning and training were included in the contract. Danmon Systems group deputy managing director Peter Thomsen said: “DAB is a good technology where the signal strength is high but less effective in marginal reception areas. DAB+ is much more effi cient in its use of transmission bandwidth and creates a more robust signal stream.” To enable broadcast, Telos Axia Livewire nodes convert source audio into an AES digital audio stream. This is then forwarded via an audio-over-IP link to AVT Ensemble multiplexers and AVT DAB+ monitoring decoders. Grass Valley AES probes are used to check audio quality. The new service will be introduced on all ten DR Regional P4 radio stations, DR News, and six commercial radio stations. Vislink, in conjunction with GoPro, has launched HEROCast, a miniature transmitter that allows GoPro HERO3+Black and HERO4 cameras to broadcast live, HD wireless video. The HEROCast is available in two options: a standalone transmitter that can be mounted on a helmet or chest for a fi rst-hand view of the action; and a ‘BacPac’ integrated transmitter that uses a three-way mount and includes a transmitter and antenna for integral action viewing. Simon Derry, the chief executive of Vislink said: “ With the explosion in demand for action content and higher quality video, today’s viewers demand the most immersive experience possible, which the HEROCast delivers. It brings to market a completely new way to watch live sports and special events - including from the unique perspective of the athlete.” 36 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015