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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT See interview Graphics ChyronHego launched Metacast MediaMaker, an all-new version of the company’s Metacast professional weather graphics technology that provides users with automated templates. It includes the rendering and output capabilities of the full Metacast solution in a set of predefi ned templates that connect to multiple live weather data sources. Users can deploy the Metacast MediaMaker templates to render constantly updated weather clips and deliver them live into a ChyronHego BlueNet or CAMIO graphics workfl ow, an internal MAM, or any other fi le-based broadcast workfl ow. Johan Apel, president and chief executive of ChyronHego, said: “With Metacast MediaMaker, we’re delivering the best of Metacast in a low- cost and easy-to-deploy solution for producing automated 24/7 weather graphics. Metacast MediaMaker is ideal in situations that don’t require a full-time weather production staff, such as in smaller secondary channels or evening/ weekend broadcasts with lighter viewership.” Adaptors Sonnet Technologies has released its Sonnet DX Thunderbolt Adapter for Avid Media Composer Mojo DX and Avid Nitris DX. Formerly built by Sonnet and offered by Avid, the DX Thunderbolt Adapter is now marketed exclusively by Sonnet to users of Avid’s Mojo DX digital video capture, editing, monitoring, and output system and Nitris DX high-performance SD and HD broadcast news editing system. The adapter allows both devices to work with Avid editing software on any Avid-qualifi ed, Thunderbolt-equipped computer. 20 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 101 MAY 2015