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File-based insert editing Cinedeck used NAB to demo fi le-based ‘insert edit’ functionality for its RX, MX and ZX record, ingest and transcode platforms. Overcoming one of the hurdles created by the move to fi le-based programme delivery, Cinedeck’s offering allows editors to quickly perform frame-accurate changes to a digital fi le, in a similar manner to insert editing on tape. Wrapper independent, it works with various intermediate formats including those used by Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut and Adobe Premiere, plus Avid ProTools audio workstations. These include DNxHD, Prores, and AVC-I as well as uncompressed and DPX fi les. From good... Getting good chromakey results isn’t so difficult. But getting it perfect is a different matter. Even broadcasters struggle with green reflections, strangely coloured hair and poor outline definition. With Datavision pop-up backdrops, you get crease-free green screens and uniform colour. It’s ideal for keying. To great Choose Datavideo’s DVK live HD keyer for the best possible results. And select an NVP-20 to add motion graphic and video backgrounds. • Fast set up • Portable solution • Simple operation • Fantastic results • Low price Datavideo NVP-20 Player Datavideo DVK-300HD Keyer Datavision CMW-200 For more details, visit