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EQUIPMENT AUDIO, CAMERAS £ 250 £ 25000 Rane Digital » AVA 22D Studer » Vista 6 CONDITION Used SELLER Sentinel Broadcast CONDITION New SELLER WTS Broadcast ITEM ID 134903 CONTACT 01252 870009 ITEM ID 157405 CONTACT 02036671921 Audio delay unit » Fully tested and supplied with used warranty. The Rane AVA 22d is a fully balanced two Input, two Output Audio / Video Alignment Delay providing a range of 0.0 to 9.5 NTSC or PAL/SECAM frames on each Output. 24- bit audio converters provide excellent sound quality. Each Output has two nonvolatile Memories (no batteries required), A and B, for easy £ 570 Scientific Atlanta Continuum DVP D9600 Model D9638 » Scientific Atlanta Continuum DVP D9600 Digital studio audio mixing desk » Digital mixing system designed for live production applicationsBased on the revolutionary Vistonics user interface, the Studer Vista 6 digital mixing system is designed specifically for live on-air use. In high pressure live situations sound engineers depend on a mixing console which allows a fluent working process. Unmatched visual feedback £ 11000 Yamaha » M7CL-32 CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock CONDITION New SELLER Gearhouse Broadcast ITEM ID 137295 CONTACT 2088821111 ITEM ID 159951 CONTACT 8458200000 Scientific Atlanta Continuum DVP D9600 Model D9638 Advanced QAM Modulator 1U » Scientific Atlanta Continuum DVP D9600 Model D9638 Advanced QAM Modulator P/N 4007307 20 in stockIn good condition and Full working condition Please click here for further information The Model D9634 and D9638 Advanced QAM Modulators with Re-multiplexing, which are part Digital Live Sound Mixing » Brand new & unopened Yamaha M7CL-32. 32 Channel Digital Console with FREE MBM7CL Meter Bridge € 67000 ARRI » ALEXA XT PLUS € 795 Sennheiser » MKH 70P48 CONDITION ITEM ID 140924 SELLER BPM Broadcast CONTACT Superniere/Keule, 48 Volt Phantom - as good as new » used 0049 - 40 - 55 76 Film printer » ArriLaser 2 with arri manufacture certificate € 3500 Sony » DXC-D55WSP Triax camera channels » 4pcs DXC-D55WSP4pcs CCU- TX504pcs CA-TX504pcs RCP-D504pcs DXF-51 € POA +36 1 4608050 Used ITEM ID 161314 SELLER Somos Broadcast +36 1 4608050 CONDITION ARRI » ARRILASER Somos Broadcast CONTACT CONTACT € 65000 161267 SELLER CONDITION Digital Film Camera » K1.71310.0 - ALEXA XT Plus camera body, XR Module, IFM-1 filter holder, tool set and manual K2.72034.0 - ProRes Codec Option New ITEM ID Used ITEM ID 148365 SELLER Somos Broadcast CONTACT CONDITION +36 1 4608050 SONY » AWS-G500 CONDITION Used SELLER Project italia ITEM ID 162757 CONTACT +39055 352285 Portable solution incorporating video switching and audio mixing with LCD display » Mixer in excellent condition. It may comes with different input card (SDI/HDSDI/Firewire/composite). (Ref.1354)The Anycast Station is an integrated, portable and easy to use solution that can be used by customers that require professional results and mobility. The Anycast Station’s all-in-one € 39000 ARRI » ARRI ALURA CONDITION € 675 Sony » ECM-680S New ITEM ID 140929 SELLER BPM Broadcast CONTACT Mono/Stereo shotgun condenser microphone - exProjectware » CONDITION 0049 - 40 - 55 76 78 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015 Used SELLER Somos Broadcast ITEM ID 159942 CONTACT +36 1 4608050 Zoom lens » 45-250mm Zoom lens Like new