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EXTREME Chris Taber, DOP, UK: Chris has been busy amongst other things shooting several series of ‘You live in What?’ for an American TV network, taking his Polecam around the world and shooting on location the weird and wonderful dwellings that people have created. He says “I upgraded from my Toshiba HD minicam to the Canon C300 as soon as it came out. I’ve been using it constantly, getting excellent results on and off my rig. However I want to be 4K capable, so I have set my sights on the new JVC GW SP-100E minicam. I’m just waiting now for it to become available.” The camera features a 4K/2K remote camera head and a recording/playback unit with built-in detachable full HD 7”monitor and an RCU controller. It produces 4K video, with 3840x2160 resolution at up to 50/60p recorded locally to SDXC UHS-I U3 memory cards. It has an interchangeable MFT lens mount with a shallow fl ange depth, which offers the greatest fl exibility to end users already owning lenses. The mini 4K camera can also be attached to a gimbal option which may be used with a helicopter system, with anti-shake and anti-blur technology. Tommie Rekstad, DOP Sweden: Richard Hookings, DOP, UK: Tommie owns two Jimmy Jibs and two Polecams, and regularly covers top winter sporting events in Scandinavia. He says “For skiing events I mostly use Polecam because of the portability, rapid setup and because I can rig it right beside the start gate on the downhill ski runs and get close-in shots and angles without intruding into the skiier’s space. Although Polecam now takes larger cameras I have stuck to using minicams on these jobs because of the advantages of having such a low profi le head.” Even though he’s owned a Polecam for 12 years now he’s just done his fi rst shoot in surgery covering a heart bypass. He said “For me, this was a pretty exciting shoot. The rig had to be as compact as possible so I used two sections and the elbow connector to ensure that the rig stayed clear of the surgeons and for the same reason opted for the new Fujinon 17x zoom lens (XT17sx4.5DA-R11) with the Toshiba IK-HD1 minicam.” “Much of what I shoot is on multi camera OBs, and for a while the Toshiba HD minicam I used matched up to the other OB cameras well enough for everyone to be happy. But with time the OB cameras were upgraded, and I wanted my shots to match perfectly with the new cameras in resolution, colorimetry, dynamic range and all so I set about trying to achieve that.” He researched and decided to go for a minicam out of Germany we don’t hear too much of here, sinaCam. (pron: seenacam). "The Toshiba minicam looked seriously pimped up with the new Fujinon lens which was comparatively ginormous. The director was extremely impressed with the sharp imaging and this lens really did reinvent the Toshiba HD camera taking it to a whole new level." It’s two piece minicam, head and CCU, single 2/3” CCD C mount with adaptors for PL and B4. It will interface to Sony camera RCPs, perfect for OB use. Distributor is Pure4C in Munich. Price, from Euros 12,865 net. Also sold as ActionCam by Codex Digital: Tommie says "I am more than happy with the pictures I am producing. It's a great camera." “As well as the Toshiba HD minicam I have a Canon C300 and 5D and I’ve just ordered the Sony FS7 so I’ll have 4K capability as well as slow motion. Before when people asked to have Polecam on a shoot there was no camera choice - it had to be the Toshiba HD. With the new fl exibility of the rig people can ask for a Polecam with a C300 for example, to match the other shoot cameras because that will save time with grading down the line.” 58 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015