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See for yourself at NAB Central Hall 6446 Making light work since 1882 Redheads and Blondes redefined PhotonBeam 80 Remote Phosphor LED Tungsten or Daylight Mains or Battery "The Photon Beard Redhead and the Litepanel are lovely lights in every sense, battery or not: extremely versatile, beautiful output, easy to work with, low consumption and very reliable". Franz Pagot AIC MBKS "The Photon Beard Redhead with remote phosphor is just a lovely piece of predictable retro kit." Geoff Boyle FBKS Cinematographer Platinum Blonde 1200W HMI Daylight Designed and made in Britian Photon Beard Ltd Unit K3, Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4UH, UK Email Tel +44(0) 1525 850911