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industry was stagnating and that Canada, and especially the UK, were the places to work at the moment. All change and no change Which neatly leads me on to NAB – something in our industry that hasn’t changed over the last 25 years. The industry, or at least the US side of it, will congregate in Las Vegas ready to demonstrate to the world that this is the show where new industry ideas are launched. However, my prediction is that this year’s show won’t bring any new defining twists. Yes, there will be more new cameras and new developments but I believe that the US has lost the stranglehold it had over the launch of new equipment. The industry is now so genuinely global that new cameras can be launched anywhere in the world, at any of the industry’s trade shows. What do I want from NAB? So, what do I expect to get out of NAB this year? I hope it will bring a degree of certainty that the industry is in good shape; that the UK industry will continue to be healthy; and that there is still a sense of optimism. Mainly, and importantly, I’m hoping for confirmation that talent still pays – and that, in my view, is the principal way in which the UK betters the rest of the world. If you would like to know more about how we can help broadcast companies do contact me at peter.savage@ and/or write to the tv-bay editor. To read more of these articles, see our website: