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Currently my main focus is fi nishing off my Final year project and working with my team to edit our documentary. My fi nal year project has changed focus slightly since my last article. Before it was looking at the script editors of Doctor Who and their impact on its format. I’m now looking at its format and how that has impacted on Doctor Who’s longevity. This shift mostly came about because my prior argument could be too easily broken down with too many fl aws. My new approach has a much stronger argument; I’ve been lucky that much of what I had already written could be adapted easily to this new view. Filming my Documentary has been one of the most fulfi lling parts of my time at university. I’m doing what I enjoy most, telling a story. Our focus is a swing music group gaining popularity around Portsmouth, but this is just our hook. You come for the music, but stay for the engaging and interesting characters. I’ve been able to use and learn about kit that until this point, I’ve never had an opportunity to properly use in a serious capacity. My ability as a camera operator or with lighting has drastically improved over the course of production. I’m now much more comfortable using the wide range of kit needed on any location shooting. This combined with producing live shows had boosted my confi dence, and I’m beginning to think I actually know what I’m talking about. On my fi rst day of University, I remember being told how the three years would fl y by. Looking back now they truly have. The difference is I’ve come out the other side much more confi dent in my abilities with new skills I never thought I would have. I can now use a wide array of kit and software, being able to produce high quality content with it. Contribute with your experiences to #tvfutures