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EDUCATION #TVFutures by Dylan Ellcome T he end of my third year of BSc Television and Broadcasting at the University of Portsmouth is drawing closer, meaning the end of my time at University. Several deadlines have come and gone, and my CCI management of Script Editing has slowed down. But I still can’t comprehend this ending, as there is still much to do with several big deadlines left including my Documentary. But looming above it all is as always has been my Final year project. Looking back at my time Script Editing for CCI, where I’d checked over and edited show scripts, I can now see how I’ve developed lots of new skills. Possibly the biggest being the need for clear and concise communication, and how without this, things quickly spiral out of control. An interesting factor I did not expect was people needing my assistance less as the year progressed. I noticed this after the new year. As people became more comfortable with the shows format and script writing, my input started to become minimel. Practically the most important tool I’ve taken away from my role is actually the benefi ts of using Google Doc, something that has led to the discovery of other useful software. At the start of the year I was sceptical of Google Docs sticking mostly with Microsoft Word. But now I don’t know what I did before, all my work is now done using Docs. The fact that it saves as you type has rescued my Final Year Project several times thanks to its cloud storage. The only negative I can see is down to it saving as you type. Sometimes this causes a noticeable input lag between typing and Docs processing the new information. My discovery of Docs has impacted my screenwriting too, leading to my discovery of Writer Duet. Writer Duet works in a 46 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015 similar fashion to Docs, updating as you type, saving automatically to a Dropbox account. It functions like most other screenwriting software such as Final Draft and FadeIn, but in my experience is more reliable in its formatting. It’s free to use with some features, locked behind a paywall. But for anyone wanting to have a go at screenwriting I wholeheartedly recommend it’s free version.