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resolution, but no problem, you can magnify the image to check focus, but you are still seeing a picture of small dots. Is there really time to do this, especially if you are running around hand held! I want to really see the focus just like the old days of DigiBeta, not just a low resolution colour picture made up of lots of little dots! But how will we fare with 4K? Will the v/f be twice as sharp? What I have seen so far is that they are mostly the same v/f’s, so we now have images with twice as much resolution but with v/f’s displaying only a ¼ of the resolution. The problems of focusing becomes even harder with 4k because we have halved the depth of fi eld so we need 4K viewfi nders. I have a suspicion that some camera manufacturers may have just put a 4k sensor in a 2k camera body leaving much of the basic camera the same, same lens and same v/f. From good... Getting good chromakey results isn’t so difficult. But getting it perfect is a different matter. Even broadcasters struggle with green reflections, strangely coloured hair and poor outline definition. With Datavision pop-up backdrops, you get crease-free green screens and uniform colour. It’s ideal for keying. If you look at the specifi cation for 4k cameras they will go in to great poetic description about how great the camera is and how it can ‘deliver stunning cinema quality recording’ and how it can record in many different compression systems, but down at the end of the specifi cation list it will say it has a 3.5 inch v/f with 920,000 pixels, sounds alot, right? I get the idea that as the resoultion is so low they they don’t actually want to give it! So that is only just over 306k pixels per colour and you will be able to see focus in 4K?! So question, do we the user really want low resolution colour viewfi nders, why not just very sharp black and white ones – they may even be cheaper! To great Add Datavideo’s live HD keyer for the best possible results. Users have complete control over every parameter, it’s easy to use and delivers world-class results. • Fast set up • Portable solution • Simple operation • Fantastic results Datavideo DVK-300HD Datavision CMW-200 For more details, visit