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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR “ As we’re slap-bang in the middle of expo season (BVE-CABSAT-NAB) you’ve probably heard and read a lot about ‘partnerships’ in recent months. It’s become the trendy description for vendors, developers and manufacturers to use when they sell something big to a customer. Or so I thought. In some cases, there is a genuine partnership formed whereby the supplier works hand-in-hand with the end-user to achieve a certain goal. The fact that one party is paying the other for their time is ignored because it is about ‘more than just kit’ and the customer wants to embark on a long-term arrangement that goes beyond the usual vendor-buyer relationship. It is possible to draw a comparison here with discreet high-class escorts but I wouldn’t dream of doing that in the pages of KitPlus. However, as I discovered recently (although it could be as old as time itself), the idea of a ‘partnership’ is not tagged on the end but is often introduced very early on in negotiations - and not by the vendor in an effort to big-up the deal but, in fact, by the customer. A ‘partnership’ does often indicate the desire for a long-term courtship but, and here comes the money shot, it can also be used as a euphemism for ‘if we stick with you please do us a good price at the outset and don’t gouge us on any subsequent sales.’ It is a bargaining chip. To compare it to a relationship, it’s nothing like employing a glamorous escort to pretend to be your ‘other half’ at a party: it is more like a marriage pre-nup. So the next time you turn your nose up when a manufacturer announces a partnership, just consider that it could actually be a marriage of convenience so congratulate them, tell them they look beautiful and rest easy in the knowledge that, if/when they get divorced, it’ll be an amicable separation. “ Media Monitoring Bridge Technologies has enhanced the system software in its digital media monitoring products and introduced a new way to calibrate the system and automate detailed fault-tracking. Called GoldTS Reference, the test model simplifi es the complexities of ETR290 set-up and is said to accelerate the diagnosis of changes from the reference standard including those that would not otherwise cause alarm conditions. By allowing users to take a snapshot of a correctly functioning stream, GoldTS Reference creates a reference against which the stream is subsequently compared. Thereafter, any deviation from the values in the reference is automatically detected and presented in an understandable color-coded display. “The ETR290 standard is extremely complex and very, very few people in the industry understand all of its ramifi cations,” said Simen Frostad, chairman, Bridge Technologies. “There are thousands of parameters and data tables to work through, and in the real world operators cannot get a complete grip of all this, especially when setting up large numbers of streams. GoldTS Reference does away with the need to understand and explicitly set parameters for all of the tests, while delivering the most precise and forensic pinpointing of deviations far surpassing the error-detection and alarming capabilities available elsewhere.” GoldTS Reference has taken several years to develop and is described as “an innovation that has a direct impact on the operational challenges of scale that operators face” Analyser Very satisfi ed with the launch of the world’s fi rst combined IP, ASI and OTT analyser of streaming services, Hamlet are now launching at NAB 2015 the addition of RF spectrum analysis. This latest capability extends the level of value for money to unprecedented levels. The new capability covers both terrestrial and satellite, ATSC and DBV-S/S2 signals making it a must for all those in the fi eld getting the story back to base via RF links. Ideal for mobile OB, cable, satellite and terrestrial operations. At NAB they also launch the multi input capable, multi format 1U half rack DigiTek Junior (DT900J) alongside the double award winning “Best of Show NAB 2014 Hamlet MicroFlex Mach2” setting as it does new standards of functionality at price points which cannot be beaten. It’s compact size only outweighed by its array of operational feature sets and ease of operation including TSG and EYE pattern display and measurement. Hamlet is well known for offering the very best value for money, support, service and advice, ensuring the end user has the best solution for the job and with these new instruments shown for the fi rst time at this year’s NAB 2015 Hamlet continues to do so. 28 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015