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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT “ “Adobe and Avid in collaboration shock!” That was (almost) the headline on many an industry website story last month as the two fierce rivals confirmed that editing tools made by the former would happily work on shared storage developed by the latter. In short, the two competitors allowing their engineers to share information with one another surprised many people. While it is great that by collaborating they are giving users more choice, the story was a bit of a non-event really. Premiere Pro has worked with Avid ISIS storage for years. The key word above is ‘happily’. The real change is that the integration and workflow has been improved and some bugs have been fixed. For example, there’s no longer a need to have a separate storage group for Adobe Premiere Pro editors and both Media Composer editors and Premiere Pro editors can now share the same workspaces without it impacting on performance. That kind of thing. It is not to be sniffed at, clearly, but it wasn’t quite the seismic shift that some people described. I don’t blame the PR people – or the website editors – for exaggerating the collaboration: competitors working hand-in-hand is certainly newsworthy. It is only when you look at the detail of what was announced that you realise that there was some misunderstanding (or perhaps spin) involved. I think what we can learn from this is that integration and interoperability, even when competitors are involved, is possible. But it shouldn’t be news. This stuff should just happen as a matter of course. Hopefully, as more companies follow this lead, and take a more open approach to technology, it will cease to be. “ Cloud editing Editing keyboard Edito rs Keys has released the world’s fi rst backlit shortcut editing keyboard following the successful completion of a crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter. The keyboard has been designed to assist editors by easing eyestrain and improving workfl ow by speeding up editing by around 40%. The keyboard is available in various design layouts for specifi c editing software programs. Editors Keys worked closely with designers to create accurate shortcut layouts on each keyboard and ensure pledgers were kept up to date with new ideas and adjustments. Custom made keyboards were made for pledgers who backed the project via the Kickstarter website. The backlit keyboard is available to purchase for £99.99. 22 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015 Independent sport programming producer and distributor IMG has licensed the use of Forbidden Technologies’ Forscene for editing and distributing sports highlight video content across its digital rights channels. The contract was awarded after a comprehensive evaluation process during which Forscene was tested ingesting multiple concurrent live SDI feeds, editing highlights packages, conforming edits that included client- specifi ed metadata, and publishing to the IMG content delivery network. “My team tested a number of potential market solutions before selecting Forscene,” said Brian Leonard, IMG lead live engineer. “We were impressed with the range of features Forscene offers within a user-friendly interface, their competitive annual pricing model, and their fantastic support.” IMG distributes more than 20,000 hours of content to major global broadcasters annually. Events include Tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, the Australian Open and the ATP Masters Series as well as International Rugby Board matches, MotoGP and the NFL. Watch the cloud editing panel discussion with Larry Jordan, Den Lennie and the team from Forscene at BVE