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Lenses Cooke Optics has pledged to start shipping its 25mm and 135mm Anamorphic/i lenses by NAB 2015. The new lenses, announced at IBC 2014, will add to a range that currently includes 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm models. John Lindley, ASC, who recently used the Anamorphic/i lenses on a commercial for Kraft, said: “I wanted to use the Cookes because I needed high speed anamorphics and these lenses are very fast and sharp without being too heavy.  They also don’t breathe as much as some of the other anamorphics I have used.  All spots were shot in fairly small interiors so I didn’t have much room to light to the high level some other anamorphics require. I used all the lenses from the 32mm - 100 mm, and they performed perfectly. “ At NAB 2015 Cooke will also present its 5/i prime lenses, the S4/i series and the increasingly popular miniS4/i range. In addition the latest products in the Cooke Metrology range will be available for demonstration. We Supply You Produce Picture Canning North - Suppliers to the film and TV industry > Fast, reliable service > 24/7 back-up > competitive rates > expert knowledge We are experienced in: Drama, features, commercials, documentaries, broadcast, factual and entertainment. For more information or to request a quote call: 0191 265 0061 | call us for: Camera crew, lighting, audio, grip, on site infinity corner cove, bespoke camera and crew vehicles.