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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Camera workflow Codex has collaborated with ARRI to develop the recording and workfl ow system for the ALEXA SXT. Engineering teams from both fi rms worked together to create high-performance, integrated recording, plus on-set and near-set data management systems, designed to deliver a streamlined camera-to- post workfl ow. Marc Dando, managing director of Codex, said: “It’s great to work with ARRI, to set new performance capabilities with our new media, and to show that the ARRI - CODEX partnership is continuing to expand the creative and technical choices available to cinematographers.” The ALEXA SXT cameras incorporate a revised Codex recording engine, similar to the system that is built into the new ALEXA 65, and support the latest SXR Capture Drives, which offer a data rate of 20GB/s. ALEXA SXT cameras also have a new media bay, developed by Codex, that features adaptors for XR and SXR Capture Drives, SxS cards and CFast 2.0 cards. “Like ARRI, Codex believes in delivering excellent image quality and reliable products to the cinematographic community,” said Franz Kraus, managing director of ARRI. “Having already successfully implemented the in-camera capture technology for the ARRI ALEXA XT, and a solid workfl ow with Vault, Codex was a natural choice as the workfl ow developer for ALEXA SXT.” 4k cameras FOR-A will display the newest version of its 4k variable frame rate camera, the FT-ONE-S, at NAB (booth C5117). Smaller and lighter than previous incarnations, the FT- ONE-S allows users to separate the camera head from the body, enabling a variety of shooting positions and angles for sports production and other live events. The FT-ONE-S features a Super 35mm sensor, can shoot up to 360 frames per second (fps) and has the ability to colour correct video output live using its 12-axis system. Communication with the camera includes tally signals, shooting feedback and intercom functionality. An accompanying base station is designed for installation in vans or where live events are covered. As well as powering the camera head, the base station receives video and controls super slow-motion material. The camera links operators optically and via an intercom system, so that users can shoot from the fi eld with up to one km distance between the unit and base station. Previous versions of the camera - the FT-ONE and FT-ONE- OPT - will also be on display at NAB. THE REMOTE CAMERA HEAD FOR SALES Tel +44 (0)1628 477270 OR EMAIL 14 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015