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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Ultra Motion Replay System I-MOVIX will launch the X10 UHD RF Ultra Motion system at NAB 2015 (booth C8525), completing its X10 range of ultra motion systems. The X10 UHD RF extends the operational fl exibility of the X10 technology by supporting wireless shooting in HD productions where being close to the action is important. For very high-frame rate ultra-slow motion in HD sports coverage, X10 UHD RF operates in USM (Ultra Slow Motion) mode to deliver instant replays of up to 3,000 FPS in 720p or up to 2,000 FPS in 1080i. The system is available with a choice of wireless camera-back options, including Vislink’s Clip-On 4 or L1700. Control can be handled from the truck using the OCP and JOG remotes, or when a data channel is unavailable the camera operator can control the system in standalone mode to send replays to the truck over a single wireless link. At NAB (booth N3718), Fast Forward Video will introduce new addition to its Omega HD family of products including the Studio Pro Replay, a compact replay and time-shift digital JPEG2000 video recorder. Said to be ideal for broadcast delay and sports coverage, it allows for the replay of slow-motion clips while still recording the action. It also supports ancillary data such as closed-caption CEA-608 and CEA-708 on four lines: 8, 9, 10, and 11 interlaced or progressive. Other features include a VTR-style front-panel with video confi dence monitor and a patented fi le access system that guarantees delivery of a usable recording. Also on show at NAB will be the Omega HD Dual Channel or Simultaneous Playback and Record recorders. These JPEG2000-based media recorders can record and play back frames, gen-lock multiple streams and time-shift content. Ashley Dove, vice president of solutions at Vislink, said: “The untethered nature of camera-back RF transmission allows broadcasters to collect unique angles from the fi eld and deliver them to the fans at home, for a more complete live event experience. The L1700 is lightweight, compact, and transmits in high-quality HD, making it the perfect compliment to the I-MOVIX range of products.” POV transmitter Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT) will introduce its Nucomm Live-Action Point- of-View Transmitter with Camera (Dropcam) at NAB (booth N3922). The Nucomm Dropcam is a self-contained, small, ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) transmitter with assorted adapter modules. The Dropcam has an integrated battery enabling three hours of unattended transmission. It is said to be ideal for capturing point-of-view video during sporting events, reality television and hidden-camera applications amongst other things. John Payne, the chief technology offi cer of IMT, said: “New technologies and equipment such as the Dropcam give broadcasters the tools needed to provide its viewers with an all-access, inside look into major events happening across the globe.” The Dropcam comes standard with an HD-SDI adapter module that enables small, remotely mounted HD cameras to be interfaced directly to the Dropcam without additional batteries. Addition modules include an integrated Swivel Camera HD Module, which combines a low-light camera with a high dynamic range microphone. Operators can manually rotate the swivel camera head 180 degrees. The Dropcam also features an assortment of removable sensor modules depending on the users’ specifi c application and need. 10 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 100 APRIL 2015