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think providing a massive amount of content is important, but if no one is watching that content, that is a big problem. So how do you know whether content is satisfying viewers? By deploying cloud-based analytics solutions, operators can gain insight into viewers’ behaviors and determine which content is most watched as well as how easy it can be accessed, and then tailor their service offering according to viewing patterns. What are some requirements that pay-TV operator should look for in a video platform? Catering business models to consumer needs rather than those of a particular channel, platform, or advertiser is another great way to stay ahead of competitors. We already know that multiscreen services have become an integral part of the pay-TV service, but research from Parks Associates suggests that offering content across multiple device types isn’t the sole route to success. Operators must provide exclusive and premium content that engages viewers. Pay-TV operators, like the BCC, are beginning to offer original programming along with linear channels via apps as a way to compete with streaming providers like Netflix. Another important feature to look for in a video platform is easy integration with existing back-end and front-end clients, such as provisioning, billing, CRM, CDN, and CMS equipment. Taking the complexity out of the integration process allows operators to introduce new services with a shorter time to market. How important are data and analytics in the context of streaming services? In order to offer content to viewers relevant to what they are watching, operators need sophisticated data and analytics tools. By providing detailed information about customers’ most popular shows on VOD, live ratings, user engagement, social behavior, usage patterns, and preferences in real time, analytics help operators gain real insight into viewers’ behaviors. Operators can use the data collected to shape the types of content they ultimately provide to viewers. For instance, let’s say an operator wants to determine which content is most watched. If the data they’ve collected shows that a large number of viewers turn off a sitcom after only watching for a few minutes, the operator can conclude that viewers are not enjoying that specific program. Or the operator might use analytics to test out a new app they’re offering. Through monitoring viewing and usage patterns, operators can determine preferences and recommend customized content to individual viewers as a way to retain their viewership. This all relates back to providing viewers with personalized and interactive content in order to keep them engaged with the service. ASK OUR EXPERTS Any operator can provide a basic set of features, such as video-on-demand, a channel guide, etc., but the key is providing all of these features on a wide range of viewing devices. This will ensure customers have a consistent viewing experience across all screens. Choosing a platform with these features is the best way for operators to keep viewers engaged with the television service and increase their revenue streams. How can pay-TV operators increase their revenue opportunities via streaming content? There are some unique ways that pay-TV operators can monetize streaming content. In addition to offering premium content such as VOD movies, apps, and games, operators can really knock their revenue opportunities out of the ballpark by providing viewers with relevant content recommendations for paid content, and allowing viewers to promote their favorite content via social media. By increasing viewer engagement with paid content, operators will see their revenue streams go up significantly. Additionally, operators can explore innovative options, such as delivering context-aware applications on top of the broadcast stream and by offering unique online services such as e-health and e-commerce. These types of monetization opportunities provide a more immersive and interactive television experience, increasing overall viewer satisfaction. Finally, let’s not forget about advertising. Operators can increase the effectiveness of advertising by launching micro-targeted campaigns and in-app advertising. As the streaming environment continues to evolve, there are sure to be a lot of new and exciting opportunities ahead! POST YOUR QUESTION ONLINE: Search ‘tvbay’ Tel. +44 (0)1635 237 237 Email. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 99 MARCH 2015 | 57