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Length When deciding on the length of your podcast remember to bear in mind that a good podcast should usually last no longer than 40 minutes and be no shorter than around 20 minutes. So try to be careful when you’re considering podcasting on a detailed topic that you don’t start waffling away! Your audience are dedicated but don’t have all day to sit and listen. Editing & Style A podcast usually has a style which makes it unique to others. Most podcasts are co-hosted and it is more than likely that one host will play dumb on a subject to initiate a conversation flow and gives room to talk about a subject they actually probably know about like the back of their hand. Having a conversational style allows the podcast to become ‘real’ and the more casual the conversation the easier the listening is. Editing a podcast is important as this also contributes to the sound of the style you are aiming for. Getting rid of common pains such as “erms” and “arrs” in conversations will give an overall fluidity to your podcast. Publishing Finding free websites to upload your podcast too is easy and there are plenty to choose from. SoundCloud which is usually familiar with musicians can also be used for podcasts. It’s as easy as signing up and you have your own profile in which you can upload podcasts for viewers to listen to - Podomatic is another very easy to use and free host that you can upload your podcast too. It has one of the most easiest interfaces to work with which is great if you are not very experienced in this area of the podcasting production. The beauty of Podomatic is the fact you can create a podcast directly on the website and with having a free account you are supplied with 15 GB bandwidth and 500 GB of storage overall. So there you have a brief overview of what I think makes a podcast stand out and some tips to get you going! One thing I believe is a key thing to bear in mind is to keep it regular. Regularity is key if you want to keep hold of your audience and making them wanting to come back for more, by this I don’t mean every other night but every 2 weeks is ideal and a convenient time scale to put together a quality podcast. My favourite podcast is ‘This American Life’ available on iTunes or at . Let me know what your favourite podcasts are by tweeting me at or email me at Good luck guys! HD Test Signal Generator Multiple Signals & Multiple Standards Engineer Version 20 SD and HD Standards 40 Test Signals including Moving Zone Plate* Lip Sync Test Keyboard Entered Idents VITC Generator* Tri Level Sync Outputs Audio Tones SL150 USB Microphone Facilities Version 20 SD and HD Standards 8 Simultaneous Signals* Lip Sync Test 8 Keyboard Entered Idents * 4 Simultaneous Standards* Tri Level Sync Outputs Audio Tones *Specific to Facilities Version *Specific to Engineer Version Shootview Limited, 87 Cadbury Road, Sunbury, Middlesex TW16 7LS Tel: +44 (0) 1932 782823 Fax: +44 (0) 1932 772824 Email: Web: