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buts that not to say it was easy. Its been an enjoyable but demanding 8 months having to produce four live shows, shooting a documentary, as well as working on my final year project, all to strict deadlines. I feel I have learnt a great deal, using new equipment, experimenting with different production roles and leading projects. Having a wide knowledge of all areas of production is something that I have always felt is important. As I approach the end of my studies and my university life, I was expecting to feel like many do; not wanting to leave university to enter the world of work. However I really am looking forward to graduating this year; I can’t wait to finally get involved. Much of my spare time has been spent on networking and attempting to gain industry experience, which helped me find my first paid work in television. For the last eight months alongside my studies, I have been working as a freelance logger for IMG Media’s European Tour Productions golf team. The work involves travelling to European Golf Tour events with the production team and logging shot times with a camera operator - timings are essential for the producers when compiling a programme. Logging live satellite feeds from golf events is another element of the work. It’s a fun and rewarding post that I see as the perfect first step on the ladder in the TV industry. In regards to the future, I hope to remain within sports television, but to enter into the realm of producing. My ultimate ambition is to work within tennis or Formula 1 coverage. It’s a long tough road but I am excited with the possible career prospects ahead of me. Contribute with your experiences to #tvfutures