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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR “ There’s been an awful lot of talk about archiving and storage in recent times, prompted, in part, by the DPP who are currently working their way towards a set of recommendations and standards that will assist production teams and indies plan digital storage for their master files and valuable footage in this new digital delivery age. Therefore it is no surprise to be seeing a lot of storage related stories in this issue of Kit+ and around the industry. Reading’s Disc Archive Corporation is promising to bring to NAB “new technologies and solutions to increase storage density, reduce cost and harness the power of the cloud in a smarter way.” They don’t specify exactly what that is but it sounds like the kind of thing we’re all after. Equally interesting is the update to the PreRoll Post archiving app that now works with Sony’s Optical Disc Archive. This could be popular addition as Sony optical discs are popular (if that doesn’t sound too obvious a thing to say). PreRoll Post is an LTFS archiving application for Mac users. It creates proxies, thumbs and metadata while backing up to multiple locations at once. It is non-proprietary so works with all LTO tape drives as well as Sony’s Optical Disc Archive. These two examples are not the same technology, or serving the same purpose, but they are both examples of hybrid deployments that will make it easier for users to keep footage safe but make it accessible at the same time. NAB will doubtless deliver more options like this as production companies and broadcasters strive to find ways to access footage quickly when they need to and park it off somewhere that is cheaper when they don’t. “ Monitoring Video Clarity is shipping its RTM real-time audio and video monitoring technology and its ClearView line of video quality analyzers with optional built-in decoding of Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio in SDI or IP video streams and files. Building this optional function into the two systems is designed to simplify quality testing and save money for any users that carry Dolby Digital audio in their programmes. “The economics of programme delivery today dictate that our customers work more efficiently than ever, so we’re always aiming to help them streamline and save money,” said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarit. “The new integrated decoding functionality means television networks and our manufacturing clientele won’t have to purchase a separate decoding device and will spend less money overall on a functioning test solution.” Built-in Dolby Digital decoding allows users to test files and streams containing Dolby audio, giving RTM and ClearView an internal ability to decode IP streams to baseband signals without first requiring external decoding. 24 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 99 MARCH 2015 Archiving Imagine Products and Sony have partnered up on a new archiving option for Mac users. The LTFS application PreRoll Post is a new incarnation that can be used in conjunction with Sony’s Optical Disc Archive (ODA) and uses USB 3.0 and checksum technology. It creates thumbs, proxies and rich metadata while backing up files and folders to multiple locations at once. PreRoll Post uses checksum technology to ensure that the files and folders are copied accurately. The Optical Disc Archive from Sony utilizes blu-ray discs to store large volumes of files safely and securely. The USB 3.0 drive plugs directly into compatible Mac computers and is designed for long-term file protection and management. Files and folders are stored on a 12- disc cartridge, for more than 18TB of uncompressed data with fast random file access. “PreRoll Post builds upon Imagine’s expertise in easy to install and use media management software geared toward the media industry,” said Dan Montgomery, president of Imagine Products. “The ODA from Sony is really an incredible piece of hardware. It provides the user the ability to use the 12-disc cartridge function as a single unified volume. You combine that with PreRoll Post and you’re looking at a secure, reliable LTFS archiving solution.”