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Dedleg might never have happened without this help. Burrell Innovation and MAS have both been terrific in this. When I was looking earlier on line and visiting engineering companies I felt that they were only interested in manufacturing the product, and not really interested in the proper design. Burrell produced the design and made a mock up of it. With that and the drawings they’d done I went to a major television industry manufacturer and asked them if they were interested in the idea. They seemed keen, but took a long time to reply, delaying me by almost three months, and eventually said, because they were busy, they couldn’t look at it until 2015. I didn’t want anyone else getting there first, so I decided to go for it myself. I had five prototypes made. The monopod was aluminium, and heavier than I had wanted. I decided to upgrade to carbon fibre, so the price I had in mind at the start had to go up slightly. I talked to the designers about it, and I also talked to Steffan Hewitt at Polecam Systems. He was very helpful, and put me in touch with carbon fibre manufacturers. They already had the tooling for the size of poles I needed, which made it cheaper. So now I had reduced the weight of Dedleg, making it a better product. I had taken the first drawings to an IP attorney and applied for a UK patent. I’ve got a registered design in Europe and the US, and a patent pending in the UK. I’m now in preparation for BVE. I did a press release which was well picked up. We’ve got some journalists coming to see the product, and some overseas distributors. A lot of sound recordists are coming. Ever since I thought up Dedleg in August 2013, a week hasn’t gone by when I didn’t wish that I had one already. I use it a lot now and I love it. I used it on Masterchef a few weeks ago. Four recordists, including me, trialled it throughout the day. We used it in and around a restaurant, each one of us was recording 8 tracks with heavy bags, and at the end of the day, none of us had back ache. Problem solved. Need Help? Call us: +44(0)1932 240 204 | .tv Ingest & Transmission | Graphics & Effects | Editing | DVE & Character Gen | Film and DI | Router / Switcher | Wireless Link | Robotics | MultiViewer Signal Generators | VTR | Web Streaming | Test & Measure | Camera Equipment | Audio Equipment | Signal Processors | Vision Mixers | Monitors Ingest & Transmission Graphics & Effects Editing DVE & Character Gen Film & DI Router / Switcher Robotics Multiviewer Signal Generators VTRs Web Streaming Test & Measurement Camera Equipment Audio Equipment Signal Processing Vision Mixers Monitors Wireless Link