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groups. From here I decided to create a live television broadcast which would allow year groups to actively become involved in each other’s work. Focusing on mental health issues within the community, I plan to embrace the skills I have learnt in scheduling to benefi t the programme. Working alongside marketing managers I am investigating effective ways of enticing viewers and the best ways to appeal to the target audience, all the while ensuring that the programme remains sensitive. Having an ethically strong-minded crew to aid me in my live broadcast is of utmost importance given the subject matter. Also the liaison duties I am undertaking will encourage fi rst and second year students to consider the technical elements of production earlier in the course which will help them as they progress. Using my scheduling knowledge my aim is to make Mind Matters timeless; I am determined that the programme will be featured on the CCI TV Channel over the Summer period and for a long time after I’ve graduated. It will have to remain as relevant today as it will next year, therefore providing as much support on this issue as possible. As well as this, I want to produce a programme that is not afraid to tread where others may not. These past three years on this course has really encouraged me to push the boundaries of my ideas mtf and has built my confi dence. I feel able to produce and direct my own live broadcast which encapsulates everything I have learnt. I am aware that combining all these elements together will be really tough, but I respect the challenges I have to face - even welcome them with open arms! Great Lens? State of the art camera? Let’s bring them together. Tel: 020 8881 7850 New Products for 2015 MTF is pleased to introduce our latest active Canon lens adaptor system. Now wireless and with focus control A new range of adaptors to take Panavision lenses. A comprehensive range of adaptors for AJA Cion Cameras. Available for Sony E Mount, Adaptors are available dealer Nikon, following brands. MTF an authorised for for the Micro 4/3 Mount, C Mount and Canon EF, B4 2/3”, and Now for the AJA Cion camera. Panavision lenses. STAND F29