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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR “ Training is the kind of magazine editorial subject that stirs the loins of only the keenest of readers. No one doubts its importance but sexy it ain’t. Yet, with BVE and Cabsat and their respective learning opportunities coming to the fore this month, it is interesting to see two examples of organisations doing their bit for training. Both the IABM and Dalet Digital Media Systems have made training related announcements recently (see below) and both reflect a certain trend: employers want their staff to up-skill but they don’t have time to do it themselves or they can’t afford to release them to do it externally. Hence it is virtual, online, remote, distance (or whichever term you prefer) training that is crucial. And it needs to be of sufficient quality. As IABM training manager Steve Warner says, “while businesses recognise the importance of training in our industry, one of the challenges we have found is companies being able to release staff to attend training courses.” His organisation’s solution is a virtual programme. It is also looking at making some of its classroom-based training programmes more modularised by, for example, “dividing a two day course into three or four shorter sessions,” he adds. Dalet’s concept is a bit more open source, inviting the industry to contribute videos, whitepapers and more. Peer-to-peer education if you will. It is good to see progress in this area. In an industry that is in constant flux and with the increasing need for IT skills as well as - or instead of - traditional broadcast engineering ones, it all helps. “ Monitoring Aspen Media has been appointed as the UK distributor for Bel Digital Group, the Milton Keynes based firm that specialises in audio and audio plus video monitors for 3G/ HD/SD video and multi-channel audio sources. Aspen Media director Chris Collings said: “Bel Digital audio and audio/video monitors are extremely simple to operate, robust, well designed and renowned for clarity and intelligibility. The bar graphs are LEDs for dependability, high visibility and ultra wide viewing angle. All the monitors have internal PSUs and feature a single motherboard design and minimum use of cable looms to ensure the best level of performance and reliability.” Bel Digital Group products offer optional Dolby D, D+ and E decoding and loudness metering. Its MADI products include a MADI monitor, MADI converters and MADI switch. Aspen Media will exhibit Bel Digital Group products at BVE 2015 (Stand L30) Auto QC Vidcheck, the supplier of software for automated quality control (AQC) and the correction of video and audio media files, has appointed EMEA Gateway as its sales representative for the Middle East. The appointment is effective immediately and prelude’s Vidcheck’s debut at CABSAT 2015 (Stand E3-45, UK Pavilion) where the company will exhibit the latest versions of its Vidchecker and Vidfixer products. Vidcheck sales director Simon Begent said: “We recognise the rapidly growing importance of the broadcast industry in the Middle East and the need for automated QC and correction in file-base workflows, which makes it the perfect time to introduce our unique products to customers in the region.” In other news, 98% of UK post-production companies are said to use Vidcheck’s AQC products to check the pre-delivery quality of their file-based media, the company has claimed. Stand L30 24 | KITPLUS - TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 98 FEBRUARY 2015 Stand R15