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ITTP Conference January 27th 2015 Pinewood Studios With many leading speakers and panel sessions the conference is bringing broadcast decision makers together with training providers of TV production and craft skills to develop training in the media industry. The conference enables universities and colleges to meet together to get a greater understanding of what needs to be taught in the current creative climate if the UK is to not fall behind world standards. During the conference, the ITTP “Approved Trainee Scheme” will be launched which has support from BT Sport and BSkyB. There will again be a lot of lively debate and a chance to network with other trainers and industry leaders. Also a presentation from Jan Harlan “The Importance of Art” The sessions will include: What the industry wants Andy Beal, Chief Engineer BT Sport Barry Johnstone MD., CTV OBs Tony Cahalane, Chair NEP-Cymru Steve Warner, IABM Nick Moran, Member of Association of Lighting Designers Chris Miller, Camera Supervisor “Strictly Come Dancing” Setting Standards Key members of Guild of Television Cameraman, Society of TV Lighting Directors, Institute of Professional Sound and The Vision Mixers Guild will be on this session. Students past and present A chance to hear the views of students both old and new. Who are the training providers? We are inviting key industry training providers to this session, it will be your chance to ask them any questions Please visit for full information about our organisation, its founders, speakers for the conference and registration for the event itself. Register for the conference at