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EQUIPMENT T&M | VISION MIXERS | VTRs £12000 LEADER » LV5490 4K MULTI FORMAT WAVEFORM MONITOR .tv CONDITION New ITEM ID 155719 SELLER Thameside Broadcast CONTACT 01932 240305 £10000 LV5490 4K 3G HD/SD-SDI MULTI FORMAT WAVEFORM MONITOR EXDEMO UNIT AVAILABLE » The LV5490 is a waveform monitor supporting 4K video format. It can display up to four channels of 3G-SDI input signals simultaneously. Eight channels of inputs are available, four are dedicated input connectors with cable length measurement capability, the £5700 Grass Valley » Kayak DD CONDITION Used SELLER ES Broadcast ITEM ID 159882 CONTACT 01923 650 080 Vision Mixer » LEADER » LEADER LV7770 .tv £500 Sony » DFS-700 CONDITION New SELLER Thameside Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER Finepoint Sales ITEM ID 155727 CONTACT 01932 240305 ITEM ID 159811 CONTACT 01737 370033 LEADER LV7770 - 3G - HD/SD-SDI DUAL LINK 1RU RASTERIZER » Multi Rasterizer. HD-SDI, and SD-SDI signals. It has a variety of features, including simultaneous monitoring of two SDI input signals, frame capturing, lip sync measurement,and ANC data analysis. FEATURES Ę 3G-SDI Compatible 2-Channel Simultaneous Display (LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09) The 8 input vision mixer » 8 Input Component Digital 4:2:2 vision mixer Includes BKDF-711 ( 2nd Channel DME option ) and BKDF-712 ( 3D video mapping effects board ) £4250 LEADER NEW RELEASE » LEADER LV5330....NEW RELEASE ......NEW .tv £POA Sony » MVS-8000A - CONDITION New CONDITION Used ITEM ID 155726 ITEM ID 155706 SELLER Thameside Broadcast SELLER CineHD Ltd CONTACT 01932 240305 CONTACT +441280815027 LV5333 MULTI SDI MONITOR Portable and Compact,HD/SD-SDI - Also 3G! » The LV5333 is the latest addition to the line of portable waveform monitors from Leader Instruments. Inheriting the same superior qualities of the LV5330, the LV5333 is a multi-SDI monitor equipped with an accurate video signal waveform and vectorscope displays. The 6.5 high-fidelity HD switcher » MVS-8000A mainframe2.5MESoftware Version: V9License: BZS-8250 Simple PP/ BZS-8200 Multi Programme251 x Inputs24 x Outputs4 x DME channels1 x Frame Memory boardSCU- 8010A:Software Version: V9.01DCU MKS-2700 (1U Unit):Software Version: V4.13MVE-8000A:Software Version: £70000 Filmlight » Baselight 2 .tv - CONDITION CONDITION Used SELLER MOZCAN ITEM ID 159805 CONTACT 486479417 2.5 M/E HD Kayak with 3 M/E controlepanel. » Kayak 250C2.5 M/E HD Kayak with 3 M/E controlepanel.incl RAM recorder2 units available 94 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 96 DECEMBER 2014 Thameside Broadcast CONTACT Grass Valley » Kayak 250C hd 146907 SELLER €23000 Used ITEM ID 01932 240305 Baselight 2 Complete System Available » BASELIGHT TWO FILM/VIDEO GRADING SYSTEM Version 4.4 5U rack mountable chassis with 40 TB of formatted RAID storage (2 TB disks) High performance floating point rendering system with GPU acceleration Dedicated GUI PC, D14 keyboard and mouse Unlimited primary and secondary grading events Flexible