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robust and effi cient multiscreen mounting system. The latest version features a series of enhancements including narrower front-to-back depth, reduced from 600 to 500 millimetres. Like its predecessor, the new version of Media Wall is fully self- supporting and retains the option of adding coupling brackets directly to the studio wall. Desk sharing is fairly common in many facility houses, particularly those in city centres where space is at a premium. SystemTwo is a multi-element desk designed to accommodate free-standing or pod-mounted equipment such as graphics workstations and editing terminals. The SystemTwo range includes the S2-01B desk and S2-02B shelf, both electrically adjustable in height from 660 to 1,250 millimetres. This gives users the ability to set a worktop to match their personal taste. Custom Consoles Module-R furniture in UEFA Match Control Room near Geneva. Are you looking for an inexpensive, bookable, Ka band satellite uplink? All Custom Consoles furniture meets current European legislation for ergonomic and structural integrity, while still ensuring that the look and feel add to the working environment and please the eye. Demand for tailor-made furniture has certainly not disappeared. An elegant solution provided for Arqiva was a 10 metre wide desk forming nearly two thirds of a circular confi guration. This forms the centrepiece of an ultra-modern technical facility at the company’s European Playout Centre in Buckinghamshire. The desk and surrounding monitor supports were designed in partnership with Hampshire- based systems integration specialist Broadcast Networks. Europasat NewsSpotter satellite broadband dedicated services for broadcasters could be the answer. Call +44 (0)1869 356 166 Email C477-es-A5-advert-AW.indd 1 21/05/2014 17:18