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auto-conformed against the high- resolution source in seconds – giving you a head start on your craft edit. Similar Advantages in Live Sport Workflows for the Web Unlike in broadcast workfl ows, where the aim is to quickly and effi ciently lay the groundwork for fi nishing in the edit suite, sport workfl ows have a different goal: Publish the content as quickly as possible. With Forscene, live feed proxy streams from multiple cameras are available to edit while they are uploading to the cloud. Editors can view and use the material they need for highlight clips or packages and publish directly from Forscene to their CDM. Forscene references the original high-resolution source when it publishes. A major advantage of using Forscene in sport workfl ows for Web distribution is that, instead of sending multiple editors to the events to get the data, you put the data in the cloud and leave the editors at home to work in their local offi ces — saving travel expenses, overtime, and the stress of being away from home for extended periods. Low Demand for Bandwidth, Hardware and Storage When it comes to bandwidth and hardware, one might assume that cloud editing would require lots of bandwidth and a powerful (read “expensive”) computer, especially when working with 4K, but that is not the case. While it is possible to upload and edit in 4K in the cloud, it’s generally unnecessary. For most of the process, standard defi nition is suffi cient. In the same way that you would normally work with lower resolutions during an offl ine edit, the standard Forscene workfl ow is based on uploading proxy versions of your content into the cloud — enabling you to work on a standard computer over a normal Internet connection. Superior Security In terms of security, the cloud is actually more secure than the average local device. With so many people working from home or in the fi eld; on a myriad different computers, phones, and tablets; on different platforms; and on different networks, it can be diffi cult if not impossible for a media company to ensure every device and every fi le is protected all the time — a task that could distract media creators from the job at hand. In contrast, cloud suppliers are IT experts who are clued in to the latest security breaches and will attack them immediately as part of the cloud service — leaving the media companies free to concentrate on turning out creative content. Cloud systems are generally password-protected and backed up regularly, and with the right solution, the program resides only in RAM on the user’s machine — project media isn’t stored on the local device. Once the user logs off, the RAM is purged and saved edits are backed up automatically in the cloud. Easy to Access. Easy to Use. Tapping in to the right cloud platform for editing is rather like tapping in to the Hoover Dam for electricity: You get a mighty, reliable, secure source of power with economies of scale that let you operate more effi ciently and at lower cost than generating your own electricity. Like plugging in a lamp, you just log in to the platform, and you’re connected via the Internet to the massive power of the cloud. Which leads to the next point: When you have the right cloud-editing platform, you don’t need IT expertise to make it work or hours (or days!) of training to understand it. You just need to know how to edit. For example, unlike other NLEs or other on-premises systems, which can require signifi cant setup time to integrate into your existing workfl ow, Forscene was designed to be confi gured quickly and used immediately. Users will fi nd the new interface intuitive and similar to that of other popular NLEs, with features that are powerful and responsive enough for savvy professional editors, yet simple enough for producers and directors. If there are questions, users can access training videos and live, interactive online support 24/7 directly from the interface. Still Unsure? It might be tempting to stick with the status quo rather than making the move to cloud editing, but consider this: Shunning cloud editing in favor of a workstation is like shunning a car because you can walk wherever you need to go. Sure, you can walk, but driving is much faster. By the same token, you can keep editing on your desktop, but cloud editing will get the job done much more quickly and effi ciently. Plus you get benefi ts that a hardware solution just can’t provide: Immediate, all-hands access for better collaboration; enhanced security; infi nite scalability without spending time and money on upgrades and system maintenance; and pay-as-you-go service rather than capital investment. With Forscene in particular, you get the freedom to work from any device anywhere over a standard Internet connection, with no need for a special machine or knowledge. And proxy upload and editing means you can sift through high volumes of content more quickly using less bandwidth and storage. All of those factors lead to less time being wasted in high end edit suites and more time being creative. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015 | 65