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POST PRODUCTION Still unsure about Cloud Editing? Read this... by Stephen Streater, CEO, Forbidden Technologies F or all the talk about the cloud in the past couple of years, it can still be a bit of a mystery. When it comes to editing video in the cloud, some people still struggle with the concept. Is cloud editing secure? Do I need special knowledge? Why switch from traditional editing workflows? Won’t cloud editing use a lot of bandwidth, especially with 4K video? Those are fair questions, and ones that often keep people from incorporating the cloud into their workflows. The truth is, with a well-designed cloud-editing system, you don’t realize you’re working in the cloud. You’re just … working. The system can be just as responsive and powerful as an on-premises one, but with all the benefi ts of the cloud — unlimited storage and computing power; automatic upgrades with no need for supercomputers or special hardware; compatibility across platforms; remote access for anyone you allow; and easy integration into existing workfl ows and services. You can view, comment, log, search, edit, publish, and archive your media just as you’ve always done, but do it more quickly and effi ciently in the cloud. 64 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015 Big Advantages in Broadcast Workflows Cloud-based systems can make all the difference in broadcast post-production by serving as a complement to the standard NLE systems prevalent in these workfl ows. Forscene is used extensively to prepare for the craft edit - particularly on quick-turnaround projects, productions with a high-shoot-ratio, or when people need to give input from various locations. Forscene frees production teams up from linear processes – now shoot crews can use the cloud to share footage directly from location with team members anywhere in the world. This means that post-producers can infl uence the shoot while it’s ongoing, loggers can start assigning metadata to the footage so that it can be searched easily, and story producers can start putting rough cuts together before the shoot even fi nishes! There are no specialised hardware or software requirements to use Forscene and users anywhere in the world can be given access to an account within minutes. No more couriering DVD’s to clients for approval, no more booking edit suites for reviews. Forscene’s integration with leading NLEs means that your sequences can be exported and