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POST PRODUCTION Increase Productivity While Editing by Terry Goyette U sing non-linear editing software (NLEs) and digital audio workstations (DAWs) are staples of multimedia editors around the world. Many professionals use an NLE on a Windows PC or a Mac such as Adobe Premiere, FinalCut Pro, Sony Vegas or Avid Media Composer or edit music or sound with a DAW such as Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Logic Pro, Propellerhead Reason or others. Professionals are not the only ones editing. We are now in the age of prosumers (consumers using pro equipment) using HD smartphone cameras uploading to YouTube as well as hearing music produced on home computers with programs like GarageBand and sharing with their friends on social media. There are many keyboard shortcuts to remember, and not always easy ways to navigate these programs with a mouse or keyboard. 2 One thing many editors agree on is the need to jog and shuttle in the timeline. Jog and shuttle are movements of the cursor along the window (timeline) that shows the sequence of video or sound. This movement, as well as the ability to execute commands easily without looking at their keyboard or moving their mouse is paramount. Jog and shuttle devices with buttons that provide these functions will work with one or two NLEs, but won’t auto switch when the application in focus changes, say from Premiere Pro (video editor) to After Effects (special effects program). Color coated keyboards with shortcuts printed on the keys are good for one app, but may be useless if another app doesn’t share the same shortcuts. Everyone seems to agree they need less clutter at their editing station or desk 60 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015 and greater productivity. Professional control surfaces may be the solution, but can cost thousands. Many editors don’t have the space on their desk, need a portable solution and need something that is cost effective. 3 Large control surfaces may work for those who can afford them or for those who have the space on their desks. Some of these control surfaces may be overkill for someone wanting to do simple things not only like jog and shuttle, but copy, cut, paste, save, mark in and out points, import and export with the touch of one button instead of many at the same time. Spending thousands of dollars probably aren’t in the budget for most people, and with more editors working in the fi eld or in a cafe or kitchen table as in the case of prosumers, a device with a small footprint that compliments a laptop or smaller computer is a better fi t. Color coated keyboards with shortcuts printed on them work for some applications, but don’t have the fl exibility to auto switch to another confi guration. Again, laptop users don’t want this option because it would require some kind of skin to be added to their keyboard. 5. For over ten years, the Contour Design Shuttle products have been the choice for professionals as well as prosumers and even beginners editing their videos and sound. The USB connected ShuttlePRO v2 and ShuttleXpress controllers compliment a mouse and keyboard by adding additional functionality to the computer. Contour Design’s software is the key to its simplicity as well as it’s power. The ability to execute commands with the touch of one button instead of pressing multiple buttons at once, as well as setting the inner jog wheel and shuttle ring to actions such as scrolling or zooming, gives any program