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footage — all of which help to attract and retain viewers and all-important advertisers. Dialogue Search makes it possible to fi nd a precise clip almost instantaneously so that you can insert it immediately into a package or distribution fl ow. The ability to fi nd specifi c clips within an entire archive of sports video, means that sports teams and other sports-content distributors can enrich their programming — and reap the fi nancial benefi ts — like never before. on demand on their computers or laptops; travelers or commuters to call up last week’s service on their smartphone or tablet; church group leaders or students to access content as research for a lesson or project; and even pastors to revisit old sermons as they prepare new ones. At the same time, internal users could edit services for streaming or repurpose archived material for special productions that focus on particular topics. There are several use examples for this: When it comes to the way in which fi lm editors interface with footage, little has changed in the last 20 years except that they have to deal with ever increasing amounts of digitally acquired footage that they then have to process within ever decreasing timeframes. The ability to locate content quickly, particularly in unscripted productions, is a key benefi t of Dialogue Search. • Teams need the ability to cut packages for internal use (training or practice, opponent evaluation, player evaluation/drafts) • Colleges need to be able to cut packages and features for fundraising and alumni • Broadcasters want to create new content from archived media Selling Advertising Advertising is another scenario where Dialogue Search can make a remarkable difference. By using the tool to hone in on opportunities that would appeal to specifi c advertisers, you can more effectively tailor advertising pitches and packages to those advertisers and even uncover new opportunities, all of which can lead to increased ad revenue. Cinema Editing As media organizations of all types build up ever larger stores of video and audio content, the ability to locate specifi c bits quickly and effi ciently will play a huge role in their success. Phonetic-based searching is an indispensable tool for any media-centric organization that must fi nd that one clip among thousands — or even hundreds of thousands — of hours of media, especially when metadata is limited or nonexistent. With Dialogue Search, media is immediately accessible without the time and expense of logging or transcription. For example, suppose you want to sell commercial spots to BMW. You could use Dialogue Search to identify all of the mentions of BMW or luxury cars or associated lifestyles within a specifi c show or a specifi c period of time or whatever parameters are appropriate, and then present that data to BMW, or other luxury brands, to sweeten its advertising schedule, promote renewals, and potentially garner more ad dollars. Houses of Worship Unlike in sports, ad sales, or many other workfl ows, where the aim is to monetize content, houses of worship are motivated by the ability to reach more worshippers in more places or in new ways. With their untold amounts of audio and often limited resources, houses of worship are the ideal users for Dialogue Search technology. Dialogue Search lets houses of worship tap into their archives in a way no MAM ever could, so that they can make the most of their assets and extend their reach. For example, using Dialogue Search, a house of worship could allow homebound people or those in hospitals to watch certain sermons KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015 | 57