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data integrity is perfect. This type of virtual loss becomes highly unlikely through the use of tools like DIVA architecture and the integrity of their workfl ow. Now that we’ve been using the DIVA systems for a few months, we’ve also discovered a use we hadn’t anticipated. BBC S&PP DMS has large amounts of work-in-progress (WIP) storage ranging from high- bandwidth SAN volumes to more humble NAS blocks. However, there is always a period after work has been completed when projects are left on our expensive WIP storage awaiting confi rmation from the client before we close the project. On bigger projects, this waiting period can tie up many terabytes of storage for a month or more, and block or hinder progress on new projects. We now use DIVArchive to archive these jobs temporarily and free up WIP storage for new projects. When searching for an archiving system that would suit our needs, we considered many criteria, chief among them being reliability and reputation. In addition, because many customers are wary about buying into a service that commits them to a single supplier in perpetuity, we insisted on a solution with a proven track record of integrating with multiple storage, transcoder, and workfl ow systems, so that customers could make changes in the future without jeopardizing their investment. As part of the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) compliance program, Front Porch Digital is committing resources to ensuring its technology meets the latest British delivery standards, indicating a long-term commitment to local clients’ emerging needs. As a result of investing in this software ourselves and offering archiving as a service, BBC S&PP DMS can provide customers with all the benefi ts of long-term archiving at a lower cost. The archive service is a popular added value for our many digitization clients because we can keep a disaster recovery instance in offl ine storage in case of problems with their own WIP storage. It’s too early to say just how large our archive will become, but we expect to serve clients with content ranging from terabytes to petabytes consisting of anything from a few hours of master assets to an archive with years of material. One thing is for sure: The demand for reliable, secure off- site backup is real and marketable, so as BBC Studios and Post Production’s Digital Media Services’ portfolio of clients increases, we have no doubt that we will expand DIVArchive’s capacity and performance to match.