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Check out the ChyronHego interview Graphics and playout ChyronHego (stand L11) will use BVE 2015 in London to highlight weather graphics and virtual graphics creation and placement, interactive touch-screen presentations and tools for sports production analysis and player tracking. Amongst the products on show will be Lyric PRO 8.8, a software application designed to shorten the cycle time-to-air for broadcast graphics. This product features hierarchical grouping and key-frame timeline attributes that provide designers with an interactive toolset and direct integration with third-party products such as Adobe Creative Suite. Enhancements include: scene and application parameters for data visualization; a new data processing tool for evaluating and modifying data, such as a live weather feed; and a new connection manager. If you are tired of working for clients who only want the best price, this book will transform your life. It redefines how to attract clients, market a premium service and enjoy a business with an income that hands you security and financial freedom on a plate. Business for Filmmakers is a blueprint for allowing a predictable six-figure income for filmmakers producing corporate videos and industrial films for commercial clients. In this book you will discover: • How to position your business as a premium service • The easy method of attracting new clients on autopilot • How to fire problem clients and lose nothing • The secret to doubling your profits in only 12 months Downlo ad a Free Chapte www.b u r at: s for filmm iness akers .com