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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Production Tools Octica Professional, leading distributor of broadcast, professional video and fi lm equipment, has an extensive range of production tools available. The Cineroid PG32 that combines a 3G pattern generator, signal converter and video display in a simple handheld design. PG32 offers SMPTE, vertical graduation, horizontal graduation and single colour test patterns. These patterns can be generated in 16 different resolutions and frame rates with the ability to add a moving square to any. The ST-7S300 has a built-in V-Mount plate, with D-Tap, and also includes a power cable specifi cally for the PMW-300 to power the camera. Canadian manufacturer Shape now offer a shoulder mount for Sony’s PXW-FS7. The 3.2” display gives an immediate visual confi rmation of the test pattern output, and can also be used as a video confi dence monitor. The FS7BR uses Shape’s BP0008 baseplate which incorporates a shoulder pad directly beneath the camera body. This helps ensure perfect balance when operating from the shoulder. The baseplate also has an integrated v-shoe which is designed to combine with a standard VCT- 14 quick release plate. This combination of pattern generator and monitoring features means this one device can be used to quickly identify video and audio errors The Master Pan from Konova is an accessory for all current and existing K-Series sliders (K3, K5 & K7) that automatically pans the camera as you slide. When installed, users have the choice of three operating modes. Inward Panning – automatically keep a pre-determined subject in frame whilst sliding, creating a ‘parallax’ effect. Outward Panning – capture an entire scene or landscape with one sweeping shot, producing a panoramic look. Tracking Shot – shoot ‘ordinary’ sliding shots without the need to remove Master Pan. The Protech ST-7S300 shoulder mount adaptor has been exclusively created for the Sony PMW-300. Protech shoulder mount adaptors are designed to increase the handling, fl exibility and usability of their compatible camcorders. Using Sony original parts, the ST-7S300 transforms the PMW-300 into a full-sized shoulder mounted camcorder, truly replicating the feel of a traditional ENG-style camera. Also included with the rig is a HAND3, a single- sided, double-articulating, length-adjustable handle. This offers infi nite positioning possibilities, allowing the operator to lock the handle in a comfortable position. As the baseplate uses Arri-standard rosettes, Sony’s own FS7 handle can be used in conjunction with the rig. The Velvet series of lights are a range of super-soft, fl icker-free, 95+ CRI LED lights from European manufacturer TheLight. Available in three sizes, the Velvet 1 (1x1 panel size), Velvet 2 & Velvet 4 (Celeb 200 & 400 sizes) offer superior performance across the board, including in usability, softness, output and price. Being rain and dustproof (IP54 rated), the Velvet lights are perfect for any fi eld or location based assignment. Contact your usual dealer or Octica direct for more information on all of the products mentioned. 10 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015