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Twitter analysis integrated into the newsroom system itself is the new phenomenon that is making a real difference in the battle for news supremacy. Using an advanced newsroom computer system, the news team can begin to interact with a number of leading social networks at the same time, centralizing trend analysis and co-ordinating the process of uploading Tweets, Google+ and Facebook posts. The news editor gains the ability to engage with the audience prior to, during and after a news slot. This interaction means that news can be shaped to take into consideration the viewpoint of the public. As well as tracking viewer interest, the channel can build relationships with viewers that can help cement and even grow audience share. angle, to voice original viewpoints and allow new perspectives to be aired. There is a risk: how news broadcasters will adapt to the use of unverified sources is an open question. However, one thing is clear: there is no longer any excuse for me-too reporting. The Commercial Battle This has real implication in the TV news ratings battle. For many years, inter- channel rivalry has been intense: if audience figures fall, presenters are dropped; if a competitor gains the upper hand, it’s usually time for a graphics refresh. Whether it’s to hold the attention of viewers for the sake of delivering audiences for advertisers or to stop channel hoppers giving market share to a competitive channel, news programmes increasingly have to give people what they want. This may not always be what the news editor thinks audiences should want to hear. “Trailing an upcoming item, previewing an exclusive interview or announcing that viewers should tune in for breaking news – this is what social media is especially good at. Because today’s audiences are so thirsty for news, we have now built into the Octopus system the ability for journalists to cut short video clips and post them to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter direct from our newsroom software. Broadcasters can reach out to their audience anytime, anywhere.” Concludes David Couto, the Octopus Marketing Manager. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 96 DECEMBER 2014 | 59