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COMMENT General: “Please, please, please do more. It is my best opportunity to meet people in the industry and try the latest gear.” “I spoke far more to exhibitors than I had time for at the IBC and learned a lot about their products.” “The staff were very good and informative, it was very useful for me, thank you” “The Blackmagic davinci software talk was excellent, along with the octocopter chap.” “Intimate and fun show local to our facility... happy days!” “I came down from Scotland as I had missed some other similar events over the summer period and had a specifi c interest” THE BAD (we prefer constructive) : You need better audio for the sessions especially when crowded Start it a bit earlier. There was quite a crowd and hand’s up in London we also suffered a sound issue. The workshops were an experimental idea which was a great success but only once we had the audio sorted. Apologies and rest assured we have a new plan for 2015! The open times enables manufactures to set-up on the day and also avoids rush hour travel charges. Staying open til 6pm allowed many to pop in after work for a quick look around. There is demand to open early so we’ll look at this next year so everyone gets more time to see everything. Not enough companies attended Badge system could have been faster and more automated. But staff were friendly and very helpful. The Tour concept is a relatively new one for many manufacturers but its growing in size and prominence with exhibit bookings for 2015 already meaning that we are looking to upsize the venues. Wanted to see more audio recording equipment We had this request earlier this year and managed to get Pinknoise to come along, point taken though and we do need more – watch out for June 2015. I was disappointed that Sony were not there as a company Sony products were there on the Preston stand where the range was on show. Other Sony products were well placed on other stands with workshops from Promotion Hire. Den Lennie also covered the Sony range in a seminar that you can view by clicking this QR code. We’ll have a chat to our friends at Sony and see what we can do for 2015. I would suggest that in the future to have a networking bar. Great idea, seeing as we were in a brewery it seems an opportunity we missed out on! 40 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 96 DECEMBER 2014 London saw an overwhelming number of people through the door. Our trusted badge system checked in over 150 visitors in the fi rst 30 minutes, apologies for any queue but hopefully it was worth the wait. Far too small - was hoping it would be about half the size of BVE so very disappointed We’re not aiming to be an alternative to BVE, we are a regional roadshow offering a relaxed and informative day to spend quality time with manufacturers and really get to know their products as well as meet and network with friends and colleagues. After each event we’ll listen to your feedback and act upon it to enhance your experience next time. BVE is the main UK event for which we aim to compliment not compete with. Would have liked to see a GoPro stand You’re not alone although I’m not sure we could deal with the whooping and crowd frenzies all day though….Jon did touch upon GoPro in his drones seminar which you can see here….