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Compliance If you need to ensure your TR 101.290 compliance then Hamlet have just the tool. The Best of Show IBC2014 award winning Hamlet Enterprise is now available with IP, ASI, OTT, RF DVB, Record and Playout capability ensuring compliance of your program chain. The Hamlet Enterprise is ideal for in-house applications, when installing new systems, day to day operations checks in broadcast and enterprise organisations. For the OB, Van and truck engineers the killer facility is the RF transmission option. Users can go for "IP only" or include ASI and / or RF operation as well - all in one neat package. The ASI and RF hardware options can be added as and when they are required. For those knowing they have a requirement to capture a transport stream and play it out while maintaining packet timing, the Playout facility is worth every penny. Choose the confi guration that best suits your needs. The operating and measurement criteria is the TR 101.290 specifi cation. The pass and fail of Priority levels 1 and 2 plus transport stream with user adjustable min and max levels are defi ned on screen or can be recorded for later analysis. If you are tired of working for clients who only want the best price, this book will transform your life. It redefines how to attract clients, market a premium service and enjoy a business with an income that hands you security and financial freedom on a plate. Business for Filmmakers is a blueprint for allowing a predictable six-figure income for filmmakers producing corporate videos and industrial films for commercial clients. In this book you will discover: • How to position your business as a premium service • The easy method of attracting new clients on autopilot • How to fire problem clients and lose nothing • The secret to doubling your profits in only 12 months Downlo ad a Free Chapte www.b u r at: s for filmm iness akers .com