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Outside broadcast Riedel Communications’ Artist digital matrix intercom system and its RockNet real-time audio network have been included in three OB units built by Montreal-based Rec4Box OB Factory. Senior vice president of operations at Rec4Box OB Factory Joel Fortin said: “In working with Riedel’s Artist and RockNet systems, our customers all say they enjoy three things: the ease of use of both systems; their fl exibility, which enables quick handling of various production needs and demands; and their outstanding audio quality. All of these qualities are essential in a modern OB unit, and they are part of the reason that our OB units are gaining so much interest. Rec4Box works on sport, entertainment and reality TV productions. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 95 NOVEMBER 2014 | 09 TV-BAY095NOV14.indd 9 06/11/2014 13:05