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TECHNOLOGY Africans in London TV by Joseph Adamson A fricans in London TV (AILTV) was first featured in TV-BAY magazine issue 029 in 2009. The article was about AILTV when it started, including the reason why it was created, the content and future plans. The emphasis was on the gear that I was using at that time which was a Canon HV20, Sony VX1000, Sony PD100, Data video vision mixer SE500 [analogue], Yamaha ProMix 01 mixing desk, Rode NTG2. In this list is a very important missing item and that is a hardware live encoder. Five years ago live encoders were very expensive and some still are.The set up suggests that the out put was strictly SD [Standard Definition]. Content was encoded using Windows Media on a PC and delivered to GDBTV [GLOBAL DIGITAL BROADCAST], for internet distribution. GDBTV is an IPTV company based in Brighton. AILTV had a contract with GDBTV in 2008 to distribute and stream the content worldwide. When the contract ended in in 2011,I had to continue making videos but the most important area I concentrated on was research, which included reading articles from magazines, forums on software and hardware encoders, and is still going on. I do my research in my small room which I call the RESEARCH BOX (measuring 8’ x 6’ where all the equipment is and where I record, edit and do all my work). While doing my research I had to ask myself several questions: During my research not only did I read all information available on live and streaming production gear but I also attended conventions such as BVE, and the TV-BAY tour to see and talk to resellers and manufactures such as NewTek [Tricaster] Blackmagic Design [ATEM Switchers] and many others. Fast forward to 2014, After doing extensive research I ended up buying Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio, ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4k, Blackmagic Hyper Deck Shuttle, Beheringer Utramatch Pro, Tera Dek VidiU. In addition to this kit, I still use my trusted Yamaha Pro 01 Mix sound mixer, Yamaha MSP3 monitor,speakers, Samsung 19” TV/Monitor, Data video TLM-700HD monitor. MacPro Quad-Core Intel Xeone 8GB of memory, Mac OS 10.8 Loaded with Blackmagic DeckLink SDI 4k,FCP7/X, Blackmagic Media Express, Blackmagic Control software for ATEM Switchers, and a MacBookPro with similar software. Cameras: Panasonic HPX171, Panasonic GH2, Canon HV20. Canon FX305 x 2 Sound: Senheiser Radio microphones, Rode NTG2,Sony ECM-77B Chroma Key: Reflec media Light Ring, Cromatte cloth. Lighting: Red heads x3, 3 on camera LED lights 1. What do I want to get out of the kit? 2. Can I afford it? 3. How long will it take to set up? 4. Is it easy to use? 5. How long can the kit last before becoming obsolete? 6. Is the kit upgradable? 7. Can the kit handle multiple formats? 8. How easy will it be to transport? 9. Will it fit into my small space. 74 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 95 NOVEMBER 2014 TV-BAY095NOV14.indd 74 06/11/2014 13:07