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Select the best music to make your productions shine ROYALTY FREE MUSIC +44 (0)1926 864068 SUPERHEROES ARE BORN FROM TRANSFORMATION If you think you know everything about Forscene, think again The world’s leading cloud-based post production platform is transforming. On 1 December we’ll be unleashing the full might of its power. We’ll put advanced functionality in your hands. Enable you to work more efficiently and create content that captivates. All from an intuitive interface that is as striking to look at as it is formidable to work with. Let us demonstrate its potential, so when the time comes, you’re skilled at harnessing its full capability. Register now for our training roadshow in November at Request a demo at VISIT FORBIDDEN AT SATIS STAND A45 18-20 NOVEMBER TV-BAY095NOV14.indd 55 06/11/2014 13:05