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SECRET LIBRARY TIPS To open Final Cut with a specific library selected, right-click the Final Cut icon in the dock and select the library you want opened as FCP opens. NOTE: All other libraries that were open the last time you quit Final Cut will also open when you use this tip. To open Final Cut with ONLY one library open, regardless of how many libraries were open when you last quit Final Cut, press and hold the Option key as FCP opens. Then, select the library you want to open from the list. (Fig. 1) To open FCP with an empty library and event (and all other libraries closed), press and hold the Option key when starting FCP from the dock and click the New button in the bottom left corner. (Fig. 2) NOTE: Starting with the 10.1.3 update, we can now close all open libraries inside Final Cut Pro X. Remember, libraries can be named anything and stored anywhere; and there is no limit to the number of libraries you can create. (Fig. 3) NOTE: Because libraries contain media and render files, be sure to store these to a high-speed storage device. I don’t recommend storing media to the boot drive or slower devices like thumb drives. (Fig. 1) To open a specific library, double-click the library icon in the Finder. • If you double-click a library, it will be added to the existing libraries inside Final Cut. • If you OPTION-double-click a library, Final Cut will display the “Pick a Library” list. Click the Cancel button and FCP will open with only that library. • If FCP is already open, double-clicking a library file in the Finder adds the library to the open libraries already displayed in Final Cut Pro X. SUMMARY I’ve worked with every version of Final Cut Pro since version 1. I find the media management in FCP X 10.1.3 to be the most flexible, robust, and extensive of any version that Apple has ever shipped. Managed media is also the safest, because media files are hidden from view, making it harder to erase accidentally. (Fig. 2) Everything we could do with media in Final Cut Pro 7, we can do with media in Final Cut Pro X. And, if you first learned media management with FCP X 10.0.x, this latest version removes the obstacles that earlier version created. There’s lots more about media for us to talk about, from backups to collaboration, that I look forward to sharing with you in future issues. (Fig. 3) KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 95 NOVEMBER 2014 | 45 TV-BAY095NOV14.indd 45 06/11/2014 13:05