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REVIEW InSync Belgium and the new PORTAPROMPT 365 PERSONAL prompting assistant by Sam Dierckx I nSync are an online video strategy and video production company. Our roots are in the production of Television programmes, but we left that boat early because of the opportunities that presented themselves online and of course because TV budgets here in Belgium have become smaller and smaller due to online competition. So now we use our skill and viewer knowledge to help companies reach their target groups online. We do this through an online video strategy which utilises several types of video techniques that gain viewers via organic and paid traffi c. Examples of these productions are explanation videos, video content marketing, VSEO, YouTube channel management, Vlog service, and push (paid) advertising campaigns which we can service from concept and video production to setting up and executing the YouTube pre-roll campaign. The results we achieve for our customers often amaze online bureaus, while most traditional advertising companies fail to understand how online video marketing should work in a consumer driven market. For us as Television producers, it’s hard to understand why they are still trying to make virals. Those virals often don’t have a positive effect on sales or market share; you can look up the results of the Evian dancing baby’s campaign in the UK (25% market share drop while the bottled water market grew by 2%). That’s why we stress the importance of creating relevant content for select target groups. Our customers include companies like Xeikon, Verisure, Colgate, Toyota, Pfi zer, Eli Lilly, Sanofi , Smartphoto, etc. Our video strategies are implemented all over the world, from Europe to Japan and the United States. About 6 months ago, we realised that we needed a prompter in order to speed up some of our production processes. So the search for one began... It was hard to fi nd one that offered the fl exibility that we needed since we work with a wide variety of cameras: DSLRs, Sony PDW-700, Sony F55, etc., depending on the desired look and feel and, of course, the budget. Our initial search was postponed because none of the solutions available at the time offered the fl exibility that we needed. In September we went to IBC, hoping to fi nd a solution, and somehow I walked into the Portaprompt booth. There Jon showed me the 365 rigging which seemed to have the fl exibility that we needed along with a great extra function: the Passive Interrotron. The Passive Interrotron offers a solution for a problem that reoccurs one or two times every month. It’s the moment where we have to ask a nonprofessional speaker to talk 40 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 95 NOVEMBER 2014 TV-BAY095NOV14.indd 40 06/11/2014 13:05