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invoice. My logic is that, if the company has nothing to hide, and is not a dealer trying to make a profi t from the sale, then surely you should be able to see the original invoice? In the case of a cameraman selling his camera, it is highly likely he bought it from a reputable dealer. If so, he will gladly share the information – and, probably, moan about the amount by which the kit has devalued. Looking at the original invoice, you can check if it was made out to the cameraman or to a fi nance company – and you are fully entitled to check that the fi nance has been settled and that title has passed back to the cameraman. On several occasions I have seen people trying to sell kit that is owned by a fi nance company. This is usually done through naïveté but, regardless, it means you won’t get clean title. Safeguard yourself If the kit is of signifi cant value, I will ask the directors of the company, or the private seller, to state that the kit has clean title. Asking them to add a simple sentence to the invoice (such as “I Joe Bloggs/We the directors of XYZ Limited do personally guarantee and indemnify that this equipment has clean title, no lien and is clear of all encumbrance”), and then personally sign the invoice, normally helps to focus the mind of the seller. Steering through complexities All this is, I hope, helpful guidance. But please understand – these are my personal views and are not offered as formal advice though I hope they steer you through the complex world of buying (or indeed selling) second hand kit. If you would like to know more about buying second hand kit, contact me at and/or write to the Kitplus editor. To read more of these articles, see our website: Need Help? Call us: +44(0)1932 240 204 | .tv Ingest & Transmission | Graphics & Effects | Editing | DVE & Character Gen | Film and DI | Router / Switcher | Wireless Link | Robotics | MultiViewer Signal Generators | VTR | Web Streaming | Test & Measure | Camera Equipment | Audio Equipment | Signal Processors | Vision Mixers | Monitors Ingest & Transmission Editing DVE & Character Gen Film & DI Router / Switcher Robotics Multiviewer Signal Generators VTRs Web Streaming Test & Measurement Camera Equipment TV-BAY095NOV14.indd 37 Graphics & Effects Audio Equipment Signal Processing Vision Mixers Monitors Wireless Link 06/11/2014 13:05