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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR Monitors UK based colour management specialist Light Illusion has announced that industry leading display manufacturer NEC enabled integrated LightSpace CMS support into its range of MultiSync PA Series colour critical displays to enable accurate colour calibration and management within the global film, TV and broadcast industries. The high-end NEC displays feature custom calibration 3D LUT import capabilities that can directly upload calibration LUTs created via LightSpace CMS. Monitors Two new ranges from QLT of ‘Leading Edge Display Technologies’ were exhibited under the “ODS“ (Orion Display Solution) & ‘ENIGMA-K’ product lines at IBC recently. ODS 55 is the first ever Professional ‘LARGE’ Grade 1 OLED reference monitor and has been designed for critical analysis of post-production video for the Film and Broadcast Industries. The Display Panel is the first of an exclusive new 2nd Generation OLED released in August 2014. A 2nd 55“ OLED Grade 1 UHD (3840 x 2160) will also be released in November 2014. The ‘ENIGMA-K’ Range is the first ever 12/6G UHD-SDI single coax/fibre 3840 x 2160 professional LCD range working with frame rates up to 50/60 Hz (Totally Unique as 30Hz has previously been the maximum). IP production Sony and Evertz are working together to develop new IP interoperability technologies. The two companies first announced an alliance at IBC in September, as a continuation of their recent efforts to introduce IP-based solutions, such as Sony’s Network Media Interface and Evertz’s Software Defined Video Network (SDVN). The Sony-Evertz collaboration will allow customers to use an IP infrastructure in their facilities, and support broadcasters through the transition from legacy SDI environments to IP- based infrastructures. Sony’s Networked Media Interface packetizes and transmits HD and 4k video, audio, and metadata in real-time over standard network infrastructures. Sony is also developing low latency video codec (LLVC) technology to support the video compression required for 4k 60p transmission over 10 Gbps Ethernet. As of IBC 2014, 10 leading companies had announced their support for Sony Networked Media Interface. Workflow Marquis Broadcast, the content workflows and media integration software firm, has appointed former Quantel senior product manager Chris Steele as its new managing director, taking over from Peter Davies who will step up to become chairman. Steele left Marquis to join Quantel 15 months ago. “I have a great deal of respect for the skills and experience of the team at Marquis and I am looking forward to developing a long term vision for the company,“ he said. Steele has also worked for the broadcaster ITN as well as Digital Vision, The Foundry, Parallax Software and OMG plc where he started the company 2D3 and brought Boujou, the Emmy award-winning automated camera tracker, to market. 30 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 95 NOVEMBER 2014 TV-BAY095NOV14.indd 30 06/11/2014 13:05